Local farmers will receive prizes for the Carnation Festival of Flowers

Jessica Smith received the Best Ribbon at the Great Alliance Carnation Festival Flower Show.

Smith won a rose for her.

The competition includes 10 flower sections, as well as competitions for large, small and youth design events. Also part of the competition were the English boxes.

The judges also used the Scarlet Carnation to award the Levi Lambert Award for floral design.

Young had eight entries, five blue ribbons and three red ribbons.

This year the competition was held at the Carnation City Mall at Jupiter Studios.


Best in class in vegetables and fruits

Part 1

Part 1, Annual – Cherry Myers

Part 2, Many Years – Cherry Myers

Part 3, Roses – Jessica Smith

Section 4, Hostess Leaf – Irene Vicars

Episode 5, Daily – Irene Vicars

Episode 6, Bulb Lily – Bert Nero

Episode 7, Dahlia – Ron Shrock

Episode 8, Gladius – Betty Smith

Section 9, Exotics – There is no winner

Episode 10, Sunflowers – Katherine Markle

Part III, English box

Part A, Large – There is no winner

Part B, small – Cherry Myers

The best arrangements in the classroom

Lamborghini Contest – Cherry Lundren, Silver Park

Part A, Large:

Excellent modern design; Cheryl Landgren, Silver Park, Levi Lambbor Award

Step 1: Cheryl Landren, “Carnation Garden”

Step 2: Iron Vicars, “The Timeless Beauty”

Excellent traditional design; Susan Buccaneer, “Country Sun”

Step 1: Susan Buccaneer, “Good Old Summer”

Step 2: Tom Ligget, “Dahlia Happiness”

Great big event; Iron Vicars, “A Message in a Bottle”

Part B – Small

Best Modern Design – Susan Spruce, “Japanese Dog Wood”

Best Traditional Design – Susan Buccaneer, “Field Fresh”

Step 1: Susan Buchaia, “How Your Garden Will Grow”

Step 2: Susan Buccaneer, Lake Swan

Best small event; Susan Spruce, “Japanese Dog Wood”

Flower arrangement from the 2021 Grand Alliance Carnation Festival.

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