Local winners of the Gillios Show in Northwest Ohio

The two of them stood on their elbows and quietly hovered over each of Gillio’s men for four hours. Over the weekend, Doris and Gedel Hartline whispered a new meaning to “partnership” as decisions were made about the entries in the Northwest Ohio Gladios Society (NWOGS) flower show in Lake, Ohio.

“They both really agree on the show,” says Doris. The stability of the partnership is clear to all. It is more than the usual love of flowers.

MoreOn the fence of the garden – bringing bees to their knees

One week ago, pre-election campaigns began on their farm in Kansas, Ohio. He cuts the ridges, and then Doris examines the floral arrangement by placing cotton swabs to perfect the look. Her job was to wrap the tips in wax paper and secure them with a rubber band.

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