Locals rent gardens to reduce food costs.

Southwest Florida – We all have to eat, but it is becoming more and more expensive to do so.

Everything seems to be increasing in price, from meat and produce to your favorite cereal. Some consumers think that now is the time to start making some of their own food.

According to a new USDA report, the prices of grapes, green beans, Brussels sprouts, celery and canned salads have risen by more than 20 percent. Fertilizer prices are expected to worsen.

“It is possible. Truck prices are going crazy, trucks are hard to find. Robert McMahon, owner of South Fresh Farms at Fort Myers, has raised labor costs.

Robert McMahon, owner of Southern Hotels

McMahon and his wife have lived on the property of Southern Hotels for 41 years. They were open to the public eight years ago.

“We have a farmer’s market. We sell everything we grow here, we don’t go anywhere else, ”said Macmatoon.

To name a few, lettuce, tomatoes, cauliflower and broccoli grow. In addition to getting everything you need to taste salads, you are also working on a trend to be proud of fresh southern farms.

“We have not changed the price of our products in real time since we opened them,” McMahon said.

The key is to stay a little longer. They do not have to deal with the increasing cost of shipping and transportation because everything they sell is on foot. They also help you learn how to grow everything in their garden in your own home.

Can you grow enough food to feed your family all year round? Probably not. But can you afford it all year round that can help with the cost of your food? Yes, “said Macmayon.

If you do not have a place to start your own garden, Southern Hot Parks has rental gardens where you can get your hands dirty.

“No, no, my HOA won’t allow it there,” said Freder Carpé, who lives across the street, and she rented one of the gardens.

It is currently growing tomatoes, eggplant and parsley. She says she seems to make a difference by supplementing her grocery with home-grown fruits and vegetables.

“It’s amazing to have my own vegetable garden because of the rising prices in the supermarket,” Carpen said.

Moving from New York City to Carbon, she says she has no gardening experience and learned the ropes from South Fresh farms owners. Renting there made the community feel, and for her, it was a cure.

“I like being outdoors and being around is so relaxing that I don’t talk to you.

Now, there is a waiting list for renting a garden in the Southern Hemisphere, but if you are ready to do your own thing, McMahon has some tips.

One thing to keep in mind about South Florida is that we do not have good soil, so if you want to do gardening you need to make high beds and bring in good fertilizer or good soil type. ” he said.

Southern Fresh Farms

To use very limited space, try to grow in vertical towers.

It is a good way to buy more real estate without having to buy too much real estate. It will work at home as long as you have some space where you can put enough sunlight, ”said McMahon.

McMahon presents how supply chain issues are a problem. We are losing a lot of farmland every year.

“There’s a lot of pressure on the food supply and that’s growing, this isn’t going to go away,” McMahon said.

Carpen says that learning to grow her own food is energizing, more cost-effective and relaxing.

“I don’t really cook, my husband prepares food, but at least I share one thing, I grow our vegetables! He makes the most beautiful salad, but I planted it. ”

He said the winter months are a good time to grow beans, pumpkins, cauliflower and broccoli and lettuce. During the hot, humid summer months, there are some things you need to avoid.

You can visit Southern Hot Parks for more information or learn more online.

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