Logan Botanical Garden is a place for 2021 young gardeners

On September 4, eight regional finalists will compete to become 2021 young gardeners at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), the site Logan Botanic.

Shopshire Horticulture Society, through Percy Throw Trust, offers a 00 2,500 travel bonus and would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters during the competition (List in editorial notes).

Last year’s nominees –

  • Eastern – Henrietta Huntley
  • Ireland – Ruffina Frill
  • North – Kylan Ian Stewart
  • Northwest and North Wales – Ida Hopkinson
  • Scotland – Josh Hit
  • Southeast – Tim Starford
  • Southwest – Shawn Ward
  • West Midlands and South Wales – David Pierce

We at RBGE, the Royal Botanical Garden (RBGE), are delighted that the Logan Botanical Garden has a grand finish in their stunning gardens. The grand final was held in Scotland in 2012 at the Royal Plant Park in Edinburgh.

Victoria George (Chair of the Contest) “Yahya Competition is more than just winning prizes, it is about getting to know and making new contacts, so it is amazing to be able to get a live Grand Prix again, and especially in such a place of honor.
Richard Beans, RBGE Logan’s plant manager, said “Gardening has the potential to provide healthy and rewarding work for all academic abilities individuals and from all walks of life. The competition offers a wide range of opportunities for the sector and for young people interested in plants and the environment. We look forward to the great fulfillment. ”

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