Lomanman’s son Scout has been running an eagle project at McGuire VA to honor his grandparents.

Matthew Misikovsky will oversee the final stages of the eagle scout project at the McGuire Hospital Phyllis E. Gallant. His project took about three years and cost about $ 7,000, which he raised.

Bill Lohman / Times-Distribution

When it was time to come up with an idea for the eagle project, Matthew Misikovsky wanted to do something related to his grandparents as a way to honor his grandparents, one during World War II and the other during Vietnam.

Matthew, 17, stopped growing Pilis E. Gallant Arborum – an outdoor garden at the McGuire Veterans Medical Center in South Richmond, although the “growth” was a small lifting of the heavy load involved in the large project. The work lasts for about three years.

He and a group of hardworking volunteers were trying to complete the project on Saturday morning when I arrived at Troop 720 from the Boy Scout troop group at Vernon Baptist Church in West Henriko County. Gatorad’s cold made them drink water on a crowded day.

One group was digging in a flower bed, the other was repairing a sewer near the sidewalk, and the third was laying blocks on the porch. When I left, they still had weeds and weeds, polluted picnic tables, and two “little free libraries.”

Matthew says that it was “a busy day.”

Over the past year, Matthew’s colleagues have, among other things, painted a gazebo, added wheelchairs, rearranged high beds, and built a new road and porch on Pergola, a monument to Galantin. Arboretum Decided in 2016. Phyllis ”Faithful to her efforts as she campaigned to bring her courage home.


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