Look now – families, students are always in tune with nature in the fall

A staff member of the Horticulture Center explains how they came up with the idea for a spring break.

Standard – At the Illinois State University Garden Center, people with green weeds can be found like peas.

On Sunday, two people stopped to visit 23 hectares of lush greenery away from Rahab Road on the 16th annual Belg Day.

According to horticulturist Jassie Dixon, the center serves as an outdoor fruit and vegetable laboratory. The theme for this year’s festival was “Rainbow Relations – Respecting the Relationship between People and Plants.”

Todd Kingry’s World Tree is regularly shown at the Spring Festival at Illinois State University Garden Center.

Brenda Dennis

Dixon described the center as “a good vacation for people.”

He added: “We want to encourage everyone to go out and enjoy nature.”

091321-blm-loc-1 Autumn

6-year-old Christian Keating throws a slice of watermelon at the Spring Festival at Illinois State University Gardening Center as part of a regular rotten fruit-crushing activity.

Brenda Dennis

Holiday activities include roasting, fruit hunting, hiking, and lawn mowers. Other well-known attractions include the weeping white pine – as well as the gardens of color, and the World Tree Art exhibition by Todd Kingy.

091321-blm-loc-5 autumn

In the picture is a weeping white pine at the University of Illinois State Garden Center in the Pinnacle Expansion, a new attraction on the 16th annual fall Sunday.

Brenda Dennis

Color Gardens explained traditional relationships with natural colors, such as the traditional St. Patrick’s Day and the Emerald.

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A number of royal trees were also erected at the center.

091321-blm-loc-3 Autumn

The Spirit Tree sculpture will be housed at the Illinois State University Garden Center, part of the Todd Kingry Festival, part of the Spring Festival.

Brenda Dennis

Illinois Wesleyian University High School Jordan Fields has come to the event with a rainbow theme.

“I thought it was a great concept,” she said, “and she loves the way nature expresses itself.”

Joe Tuli, head of third-party entertainment in Isu, said the center was started four years ago when his mother found a garden in need of help.

Tuli started volunteering for the center and is now a student worker on the site.

“It’s good to be outdoors,” says Tuli. I understand that I do not know the names of all these plants or how to care for them.

Jessica Chambers, director of the Center for Fruit and Vegetation at Illinois State University, talks about our connection to plants and this year’s Spring Festival on September 11 and 12.

Fansen Kidwaro, chairman of the ISU Agriculture Department, said the festival is a great opportunity for the community to reach out.

“If they are just starting out, they will plant the ISU seed in their head,” Kidwar said.

“It’s great to unite the community,” he said. “It’s a wonderful opportunity.”

Several organizations, including the Illinois Extension Office and the Central Illinois Beekeepers Association, presented the table.

091321-blm-loc-4 Autumn

On the left, and Jordan Fields, Middle, Simie Aquila, both students of the University of Illinois at Wesleyian, talk about bees to Patty Koranda, the Illinois Beekeepers Association.

Brenda Dennis

Pati Koranda wore a black and yellow beehive on the Sibba table on Sunday. She said they are offering participants a chance to taste honey.

Gob also taught visitors how bees and wasps play different roles, and the importance of pollen.

“Without pollen, humans die in four years,” she says.

Bloomington Phil Torresia stopped the festival on Sunday. He told Pantagraph that he really liked the idea of ​​colored gardens.

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“The colors, together, and the theme really impressed me,” he said.

Alan Hayes, an ISU alum and Bloomington resident, brought his family to visit.

“This is a beautiful place, and ISU has done a great job of making this a family-friendly event so we can enjoy this weekend,” Hayes said.


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