Looking beyond the SDGs on the 10th anniversary of JPFA

As the world pursues the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Japanese Plant Factory Association emphasizes the need to look beyond the SDGs in the upcoming online event.

The Non-Profit Organization “Japan Plant Factory Association celebrates its 10th anniversary: ​​10 Years of Growth, and SDGs and beyond” on September 15-17.

The members-only festival commemorates the 10th anniversary of the JAPAN and the plantation center run by the Kashiwanoha Campus of Chiba University in northeastern Tokyo.

When the plant was completed, JPFA President Toshitaka Yamaguchi said, “He had already planned the address of the JPFA SDGs.”

In fact, plant factories or vertical farms, such as poverty alleviation, climate change, and climate change, have played a major role in responding to global challenges.

“We will give members a chance to prepare for a sustainable future,” said Eric Hayashi, vice president of the JFA.

The online JPFA Festival features keynote speakers as Chiri Kubota, Ohio State University Professor, Hiroki Koga, Oshishi Agricultural Co-Founder and CEO, Leo Marcellis, Professor and Head of Gardening and Production Physiology in Wageningen University, and Project Project at the University of Tokyo. Shishi ninia.

Toyoki Kozai, President of JFA and former President of Chiba University, and Toru Maruo, Vice President of JFA, will also deliver keynote speeches.

Participants in the Swapcard event app can contact, chat and hold video conferences and share information with other participants. Interested organizational members may have virtual exhibitions.

Dayson and Lif Lab, a greenhouse developer, has already registered for the exhibition by developing and supplying limited-edition clothing seeds. Shinpopo Limited, 808, which operates the factory, and Yamar Green System Co., which will be included in the exhibition.

The JPFA Festival also allows participants to join panel discussions and workshops, share research and project results, and learn about member companies and researchers’ activities.

One panel discussion was addressed by JFF Director Tesuso Sekiama on the challenges and steps to be taken to develop greenhouses. The other is to focus on artificial light plants and to join representatives of Shinipou, Kidaya Shotton, which operates green land factories, and ISPEC Mike Corporation, which produces plant factories and relevant equipment.

Participants in the festival will also be able to see performances by companies, including German GBMM and Ras Green Beaver in the Netherlands.

See the JPFA 10th Anniversary (https://npoplantfactory.org/10thanniversary_en/) for more information.

Although the festival is only for members, you can join, applying for JPFA membership now confirms your participation. Click here (https://select-type.com/e/?id=EqoC-uNZAeY#page_mail) to become a member of JPFA.

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About the Japanese Plant Factory Association (JPFA)

The Japan Plant Factory Association, with more than 200 members in Japan and abroad, collaborates in education-industry to promote plant and industrial plant management in Japan and abroad.
Its mission is to develop and distribute sustainable plant production systems to address issues related to food, environment, energy and natural resources.
JPFA supervises plant factories on the Kashiwanoha Campus of Chiba University in northeastern Kashiwa. He also works on about 20 R&D projects and conducts workshops and training courses.

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