Looking for a garden suitable for bees? You can get money from the state

Minneapolis (WCCO) – Efforts to create more pollen gardens across the country are gaining more money to attract the interest and participation of many people.

Grass seed to plant program up to $ 300 to cover the cost of planting pollen in your yard. One way is to be friendly with a growing population.

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“They love to see them grow up and the bees love them, especially the native plants,” said Carrie Macinto.

For the past 10 years, Macintosh has been a beekeeper.

“A lot of pollen plants in urban areas will be improved,” Macintoo said.

He knows how important these native plants are to the survival of our polluted friends, so he supports any effort to increase the size of the gardens he supports.

“Every resident can play an important role in pollen,” says Dan Shaw.

Shaw says helping is one way to make people want to create pollen habitats in their backyards. If you want your premises to be friendly, up to $ 300 in funding can be yours.

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“Any resident of the region can go to this site and apply for this program,” said Shaw.

It is a competitive aid. Last year, 7,500 people applied, which confirms additional funding requests. An additional $ 2 million will help extend the program to more bee-loving Minnesota residents.

We have workshops, we have technical resources for this program. We’re really trying to help as many people as possible get started, ”Shaw said.

According to Shaw, the state of Minnesota has lost 80% of its rusty bee population over the past 20 years.

He knows that planting pollen grains is one of the best ways to help them thrive, especially in urban areas. It is also a way to decorate your yard.

“This is the reason I have a garden, because it gives the shape and structure of the garden and the flowers bring beauty, and it is just a joy to see it every day on a summer day,” Macintow said.

Applications will be accepted by February 15, 2022. Notice of financial support will be emailed a month later.

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