Lottery funding for local groups

The National Lottery Community Fund has announced funding for groups in New York, Morene and Downtown to improve health and safety and reconnect with their communities.

Newer-funded teams include: Brain Injury Foundation, the Great Lincoln Area Community Association, the New Shrimrox Gelic Athletic Club and the Three Ways Community Association.

Brain Injury Foundation

The Brain Injury Foundation will use 29 297,000 to provide a range of activities and support services to help survivors and their carers with a brain injury. For more than three years, the project provides family support, including home visits, information services and counseling. Online or face-to-face activities at Camille, Milford or Armaga City Leisure, cooking skills, day trips, meditation sessions, strength and balance classes, garden and IT classes.

Stroke Association

One of the sponsored groups is the Stroke Association, which provides 498,771 financial support to vulnerable individuals and their families, helping them to persevere to meet new people and share experiences, and to get used to counseling and events.

San Ohare, a 45-year-old sports coach, had a stroke in August 2020. He needs emotional support during his recovery and has received counsel to help him adjust to life.

Shawn Ohare

“It was a wonderful feeling,” Shawn said. I was at work and my friend immediately noticed something was wrong. My facial expressions changed and my face fell to one side and my speech suddenly changed. I was rushed to the hospital, where I was treated for about a week.

The big thing for me was to accept how I was competent and strong in the past and now based on other people. The accommodation was great for me. I always go to the gym, play soccer, run a marathon, and generally exercise until I can no longer go beyond that. My family is great but I realized that I could open up a lot of things in counseling sessions that I could not talk to my loved ones, and it helped me to agree on everything.

“After the consultation, I felt I had a platform to start over. I am happy that this project has been funded so that others can receive my help. I started teaching a big point in March and now I look forward to the new school year, this may not be possible without the support of the stroke association.

Ursula Ferguson, service and participation leader at Stroke Association, said: “Stroke survivors and caregivers tell us that they are emotionally struggling with the effects of stroke, and this national lottery grant allows us to connect with NI Chest, Heart and Stroke to use our skills to help people throughout Northern Ireland . Thanks to the National Lottery players for truly changing the attitudes of people and families affected by stroke.

Great Lincoln Area Community Association

In New York, the Great Lincoln Community Association is using ድጋፍ 10,000 to provide health and fitness activities for the elderly, personal development activities for young people and physical activity and trips for young children.

Bosco Youth Center

The St. John Bosco Youth Center in New York will use ,5 9,520 to create a youth department to improve youth health and well-being, strengthen friendships and teach new skills. Activities include photography, podcast training, youth leadership OCN and mental health workshops.

For such good reasons, national lottery players raise በመላው 36 million a week in the United Kingdom. Most of the donations go to the hearts of communities to make a big difference to the less than 10,000 people.

Neuri Shamrocks

The New Shamrox Gallic Athletics Club is using 9,800 grants to renovate their kitchens and social rooms to make their facilities more suitable for community activities.

Three Ways Community Association

The Three Ways Community Association in New York is using ድጋፍ 10,000 to support a series of events and activities to improve community health and well-being and to help people get involved in the community after Covd-19. Activities include the development of men’s shelters.

Newtown Hamilton Rural Community Development Association

The Newtown Hamilton Rural Community Development Association is using, 9,916 to purchase equipment to enable them to open their center safely. The project will enable the organization to connect the local community to reduce isolation due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Convenient corner game team

Cozy Corner Playgroup in Crossmaglen is using 7 7,500 to continue its pre-school service to the local community. This provides important learning and play opportunities for young children.

St. Oliver Plunket Youth Club

At Crossmaglen, the St. Oliver Plunket Youth Club uses ድጋፍ 10,000 to support activities to improve the emotional and physical well-being of children and young people. Activities include healthy eating, music and art therapy and exercise.

Brackenagh Busy Bees Game Team

Brackenagh Busy Bees Playgroup in Kellell is using 9,091 grants to better support children with disabilities. This improves the children’s development and helps them return to the playground after the outbreak.

Galan Residents Association

The Galan residents’ Association in Downpatrick is using 2, 2,462 million to develop a garden on the property. This allows residents to participate in outdoor activities and to have good mental health and pride in the local community.

“We are very grateful for the financial support from the National Lottery Community Fund,” said Maya Gudflo, chairman of the Galan Residents Association. When it comes to purchasing equipment and supplies, we have reached beyond our expectations and supported local businesses. So far we have built a big fence and planted trees and we have a lot of plans.

Paul Swieway, chairman of the National Lottery Community Fund, said: “I am delighted to be able to announce today the support of such a wide range of projects to meet the needs of our local communities.

I look forward to seeing how these projects will improve the lives of people from all over Northern Ireland as we begin to rebuild and reconnect following the epidemic’s experiences over the past 18 months.

National lottery players can be proud of the fact that the money they are raising is making a difference in their lives.

In all council areas, 81 projects are helping የተ 6 2,651,839 ከ 1,000 to ግማሽ half a million in aid for the elderly, children returning to school, living in poverty or long-term health or disability challenges.

To apply for funding, please visit nort-ireland.


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