Lovland Volunteer Community Kitchen rejuvenates the community through local partnerships

With the help of many locals, she set out on a mission to revitalize the old community garden to make life easier for those in need.

Daniel Hastings, a resident of Loveland Downtown Lions in Loveland Downtown Lions, wants to lighten up Lovland by renovating and refurbishing the kitchen garden that has fallen by the wayside over the years.

Hastings said the project was important for the community during a difficult time, especially after the death of Santino Marroquin, who died in a kitchen sink in early June. His death, the Larimer County Coroner’s Office later released, was sentenced to death, although no specific cause of death has been identified.

“I really wanted to do something to reunite the community,” she said, adding, “The world is now decent, so we have to look at each other.

But the community gardening was not limited to Hastings, because others came together to do so.

Uncle Benny’s building supplies donated wood to build the garden on the west side of the kitchen.

Uncle Benny’s wife and manager, Benny Aste, was in the kitchen on Thursday when a truck arrived in the western red cedar and was parked in a small community garden outside the kitchen.

Whenever possible, the company would like to donate wood for such projects, he said, adding that donating materials are an “easy answer.”

He said there are many layers of importance and that he is happy to help this program.

“This is a big reason,” he said. “I’m not saying no.”

LOVELAND, CO – April 27, 2022 ፡ ፡ ፡ በጎ በጎ ኞች ፈቃ ኞች ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ቴ ፡ ፡ ፡ ጃ ጃ ጃ ጃ ጃ ጃ ዳን ዳን ዳን ዳን ሮ ሮ ሮ ሮ ሮ ሮ ሮ ሮ ሮ ገንባት እ እ ገንባት እ እ ሮ ሮ እ እ እ እ እ ሮ ሮ ሮ , Discusses with Benny Aste and construction supplies Uncle Benny. Hastings ran the garden, and Uncle Benny donated all the wood to build it. (Jenny Sparks / Loveland Reporter-Herald)

“It’s really a community effort and I think that’s beautiful,” Hastings said.

When the garden was finished, the members of the kitchen were eager to see what it would bring to the community in Loveland.

Jason Morgan, the new executive director of Community Kitchen, says the kitchen has finally been repaired and used while volunteering to take care of the garden. However, we look forward to seeing it renewed and hopefully it will last a long time.

He explained that the new garden had nothing to do with God’s will for the people who came to the vineyard to get fresh produce. Hastings said the food will be planted by members of the community who want to produce a specific food and will be open to people to pick and choose when they need it.

“It is indescribable for society to have fresh produce,” Morgan said.

Hastings, who has found peace in the garden, hopes that this community garden will be a place where they can enjoy fresh food and reflect.

“Knowing that people are struggling with homelessness and malnutrition and in all that is happening right now, we feel that this is a good way to show our concern and we want to support each other and we are ready for each other.”

Hastings said she hopes to have a garden blessing ceremony on May 21 at 10 p.m.

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