Luan Cosgrov Wells

Luan Cosgrav Wells, the beloved wife of the late Frank Wells, and the mother of Kevin and Brian, died on July 15, 2021, at home in Beverly Hills, California. She was 87 years old.

Luana has been a lifelong supporter of the arts, education, animal and nature environments, and has become an active philanthropist by supporting numerous arts, education, and environmental programs in California.

Most recently, Luan served on the board of directors of the Wallis Anenberg Center for Performing Arts. Luan In 1998, the organization became known as the Beverly Hills Cultural Center Foundation and served as a director and executive committee member for 23 years. She was an active member of several Wallis committees, including the Architect’s Select Committee, the Construction Committee, and the Landscaping Committee, and was a loving steward of the beautifully designed campus gardens and landscapes enjoyed by visitors to the Wallis Center today. As the name of the Welsh Family Education Center, she generously supported Willis by allowing the center to seriously plan to include not only performance arts but also art education, education and community service in the program.

Luan was also a volunteer and supporter of Getty, making her mark on the institution with her generosity and leadership. Luan has long been a member of the Council of Guardianship and a founding member of the Council of Guetti Villa. A.D. In 2008, Luan established the Welsh Family Herbal Fund to support and grow a garden in Getty Villa. This garden, which has been a favorite of visitors and staff for a long time, will be a permanent tribute to its richness and art and culture. Luan was also a longtime member of the Board of Trustees of the California Institute of Art from 1996 to 2019. She also served on the Board of Directors of Blue Ribbon at the Los Angeles Music Center. The organization, its members committed to the arts, and volunteered.

A.D. In 1989, Luan Wells and her late husband, Frank Wells, a former president of Walt Disney, founded a non-profit foundation dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating California’s natural environment. One of the region’s most recent successes is the establishment of a five-lane patrol line from the California-Mexico border to Santa Barbara. These conservationists have protected the coast of Southern California for three decades. Since its inception, Luan has served on the local board of directors as well as on the Los Angeles Water Board. Luan sincerely believes in the importance of education, and supports many educational institutions – including Pomona College, California Institute of Technology and Stanford University – and individuals seeking higher education.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Luan moved to Beverly Hills, California. She was a graduate of Beverly Hills High School and attended Brigham Young University and the University of California, Los Angeles. Luana lived and was an active member of the Beverly Hills community for most of her life. Luana spends most of her time designing and cultivating a large garden of unique flowers, trees, plants, grasses, and vegetables from around the world. According to Luan, this “field” was a place of reflection, peace, and beauty that brought her great joy and happiness. Luan shares her passion for gardening and nature with her family, friends, and many world-famous gardeners. Luan has been a supporter of Los Angeles lacrosse for over three decades, and she enjoys sharing her experience with family and friends.

Wherever Luan saw interest, she found a way to take action to help humans, animals, and the earth and the oceans. Her subtle spirit, boundless energy, unwavering love for animals, and a sense of beauty and design created magical landscapes were unique and never ceased to amaze. Both imaginative and realistic, her spirit was wise, courageous, determined, and generous. And she always had a sense of humor. In many fields, Luan’s meaningful work and extensive contributions echoed and benefited great arts, education, and local communities for many years.

Luan Wells survives son Kevin. His wife, Estasia; Daughter-in-law Mary Hanover; Sisters, Jane Underder and Molly Chapletlet; And grandchildren, Cassidy, Tyler, Luke, Carson and Sam.


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