Ludyana – 14 Thefts, robberies keep police on their feet in one day

Although the police members increase the night protection and general unconsitors, the city has occurred on Friday, and 14 cases are available in various police stations.

One of the alleged offenses was the theft of New Subhash Nagar employee, Pretam Singh, from José wool. Car parts were also stolen from the factories at Focus Point 6.

The fence was torn down

The looting of forests by the Department of Forests and Fruit Department also resulted in the theft of 50 corners of Kadian village and the erection of a 160-foot fence, as well as the theft of four metal poles from Awlole village and Majara village. . In the first case, the head of the forest department, Preiti Jangraj, was charged with undisclosed charges at the Salem Tabri station; In the second case, the fruit and vegetable officer, Savlin Kur, lodged a complaint with Shamsher Singh and his colleagues at Ladahowal Police Station in Majara village.

Vacations are many

A clothing store is open. Two cell phones, one laptop, a digital video recorder, one LED screen, five cameras, 20,000 and 201 stores were stolen from the store. Unidentified assailants dug a hole in the wall to enter the shop. FIR is registered with unknown individuals at Chapter 4 Police Station.

Mahinder Nagar and Dipak Kumar were arrested for stealing LED screens, juice, metal, cycles, gold chains, locks, silver legs, two silver banners, gold nose pins and silverware from the Laura Santos Mishra House.

Mishra said she went to see her in-laws on August 26. However, when he returned home on Friday, his house was destroyed and his belongings destroyed.

Laptops and checks from various banks were stolen from a car parked outside Dianean Medical College and Hospital (DMH). The villagers opened the window. An issue has been raised in the case of St. Vihar Amit Sharma.

In another case, Amandep Singh of Basangant Nagate Amandep Singh presented an FIR to unknown individuals who allegedly stole three mobile phones from his home.

From vehicles, other miscellaneous items

A motorcycle was stolen outside the ESIC Hospital in Jawadi Kalan. The complainant did not spend much time in the hospital at Choti Jawadidi, Pakhowal Road, but when he appeared, the bike disappeared. New Maya Nagar’s Gaurav poplin bike was also stolen from the Valley of Recreation.

Hibowal One Bouherder Singing was arrested for stealing a bicycle, equipment and machinery from a hockey area near Shakti Vihar, and 8th grade police were arrested for stealing Prime Nagar Arun Kumar and air conditioning ducts from various air ducts. Offices.

Komkalan police have arrested two unidentified men 5,000 from a shop in the village of Dolanwal. When the shopkeeper went to fetch the item, the defendant bought soap and stole the money.


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