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Published August 13. 2021 02:45 PM

Lehi Valley Hospital: Pokono on Thursday unveiled its new healing garden at Monroe County Hospital.

“By managing patient symptoms, our staff go up and down to heal, comfort and care for patients when they are suffering from an illness. “The healing garden is one of the most peaceful and relaxing places in modern times,” said Elizabeth Wise, president of LVH-Pokono.

The healing garden was created to provide a beautiful and quiet environment for both hospice patients and loved ones, she added, adding that it is “a place where you can easily retreat to take the landscape.”

“This is my real joy, and thank you for your commitment. I want to thank you all for being here. We were also talking about holiday care before the event, ”state representative Rosemary Brown told a hospice staff.

Brown stressed the importance of family members who go through difficult times in their efforts to protect their loved ones.

Michel Bisbing, marketing director for the Pokémon Mountains Economic Development Corporation, tells the story of her father, who was hospitalized 11 years ago.

He had only been in the hospital for a day, but because of the wonderful people who took good care of her father, Bisbing said, “No one is happier when it reopens.”

Hospice House suspended hospice services in March 2018, citing the need to improve operational capacity due to the closure of Lehi Valley Hospital-Pokono. Following the closure, the Advisory Committee began providing additional funding to support long-term operations.

It was successfully opened the following year after many community members joined together to raise funds.

The healing garden at East Strodsburg Hospital is for relaxing time for patients and families. Amy Jump / Times News

Brick Road is a place to remember all the patients who fell in love while in the hospital.

Thank you to LVH President Elizabeth Wise – Pokono, Marketing Director for the Pokono Mountains Economic Development Corporation, Michel Bisbing, for all his support and assistance in reopening the hospice.

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