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Indor (Madhya Pradesh): Improving startups AIM Ahmedabad Technology Business Incubator The Indore Smart City Smart Generation, run by CIIE.CO, is dreaming of the first start-up for children in need to read.

Rohit Pandy launches book library at Inspire India to educate students and students in public schools.

“I have done research to ensure that children in schools and in poor neighborhoods do not get the education they deserve,” says Pandei.

“Enrollment rates are now around 95% across India and are still growing. However, schools often fail to provide their students with literacy. According to the Annual Education Report (2018), 56% of 5th grade students cannot read 2nd grade Hindi text. But the fact is that so many students are not able to learn the basics at school, which shows that there are deep issues in our education system. ”

Initial goal

“Initially, I developed a toolkit to teach these children a variety of learning techniques,” adds Pandei.

My team and I have had great success so far in educating more than 1,000 children in our curriculum and accordingly I have decided to make the country 100% literate. I am doing this considering that it is an ISR.

What is the idea?

There is a 6-7 month course for 12- to 14-year-olds. The company conducts education in public schools and neighboring areas. A 30-minute session per day is organized. There are 60 sessions in the Reverse Learning Program. Children’s program assessments also take place after and before completion. The program emphasizes the transition from the familiar to the unknown. We start with the picture, and before we go to the original unknown – we ask what the initial sound is. This allows students to effectively add this new knowledge.

Children’s categories

Students of the program are divided into three categories: Shishu – for children who do not know the basics; Kishohor – for children beyond basic knowledge and Umang – to teach advanced courses to children over the age of 15, including computer programming, trunk learning, scholarships for future education, and preparing children for competitive exams.

Another start in IITian

Some Sharma, a graduate of IIT Mumbai, started by K2 Technology, a company that produces products for farmers. He has developed some tools to help farmers waste their crops and protect their crops from animals and other unwanted things.

What is the idea?

He created a low-cost refrigeration unit that uses water to store perishable vegetables and keep them fresh for a week or more. The composition can store up to 100 pounds[100 kg]of vegetables per plant.

Another tool includes a three-layer protection system that prevents animals from entering the farm. The device has a flashlight that identifies the animals that frighten the animal, it has animal sounds, and it keeps the animals away from the farm.

Initial goal

“This will help farmers to earn income and prevent wastage. We are making more and more of these tools to encourage people to enter the agricultural sector, ”said Anand.

Need help getting started?

We need the support of the Vegetation Department to support the state’s success in technology. And we will work on technologies for the future development of small and rural farmers and for the pride of small farmers.

Smart race officials say

22 The beginning is yet to come

In the first week of September, we expect 4 starting teams to join Indor Smart and we have 22 starts so far. ”

Aditia Vias, Team Member, CIIE.CO, IIM Ahmedabad Technology Business Incubator.

Really positive response

“Smart Seed Incubator is getting a very positive response, especially from the young entrepreneurs in our city. The goal is to help industry leaders grow and develop innovative ideas and new perspectives on problem solving. -We hope to develop a dynamic start-up culture in Indoor, through wisdom infrastructure, consulting with subject matter experts and in the symbolic work environment.

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Published: Friday, August 27, 2021, 11:45 PM IST


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