Madurai farm spread over 8 hectares | Madurai News – Indian Times

Madurai – Madurai Woreda Chairperson, Dr. S. Anesh Sekar, said that the Kuruvi pad, which is currently being developed in Madurai Woreda, has grown from 1,451 hectares to 9,704 hectares last year.
The collector inspected paddy farming in Madurai East and Melur block and conducted a workshop on water management by farmers in Malur. He said the timely release of irrigation water from Mulaperiayer and Vega dams in the first week of June was a major reason for the increase in farmland. Water for irrigation was released 12 years later.
In some areas, such as Arubanur Bit-1 and Beit 2, Saturumadangan and Udupankulam, the field was limited to a small area last year. But this year it has grown to about 250 acres[250 ha]. Farmers have also benefited from rice reinforcement systems and the application of modern methods and technologies.
Maduraim said it has received 18% more rainfall than average this year. The average annual rainfall was 874.5 mm and the average rainfall received by the woreda until August was 463 mm compared to 395.3 mm.
He said he hopes the district will meet the target of 95,900 hectares of farmland and food production this year with 3,94,847 metric tons. 228MT of paddy, 12MT of small grains, 21 mcg, 5.35MT of oats and four metric tons of cotton were enough seeds to distribute to farmers.
Various subsidies of 127 million birr have been provided to farmers for agriculture and irrigation. Many activities have been carried out to promote fruit and vegetable crops among farmers.
He said up to 25,700 mango and guava plants have been prepared at a government garden in Ponchochi.



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