Maharashtra Shirdi Airport is ready for renovation

To boost the tourism of the temple, Shirdi Airport can now accommodate larger aircraft.

More than 350 acres[350 ha]of airports are located in Kakadi, Copergao, 14 km from Shirdi. The airport will soon be able to operate flights at night. It will work on the new passenger terminal to accommodate the growing footpaths and freight terminals, which will include the export of fruits and vegetables from the region to India.

In terms of passenger cargo, it has airports such as Aurangabad, Nandid, Nashik and Kolhapir and is the busiest airport in Maharashtra after Mumbai, Auntie and Nahor. On March 22 last year, two days before the nationwide outbreak of the Covix epidemic, a total of 26 flights (13 stops and departures each) were registered in Shirdi, with 20,000 to 25,000 arriving daily. “The 2,500-meter runway can’t handle large planes … These planes need a big flight to take off and have to cover a certain distance before they can land. He said he took the opportunity to extend the runway from 2,500m to 3,200 meters when flights were stopped at the airport (after the lock was dropped). MADC). The extended runway was recently tested and completed.

Capor said it would allow large planes to land and direct more pilgrims to the airport to take them to the temple.

MDC has installed nighttime infrastructure at the airport. Written by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) instructed to install the necessary weather equipment for the purpose. IMD has instructed the Western Regional Office to carry out its work. Once completed, the night shift can start at the airport. This tour will allow them to participate in the Kakad Artati (Art of the Morning Art) at Kai Baba Temple before arriving the day before. Airport extensions and taxi passes at local prices 41 kroner, night landing infrastructure with CAT-1 lights and other equipment costs 9.85 million

The current terminal building can accommodate 10,000 to 12,000 passengers a day, while MDC plans to design a new passenger terminal that can accommodate 20,000 to 25,000 passengers a day. Wanted 230 million from the state for the new terminal building. The expansion will ensure that the airport can handle 35,000 passengers.

Capor added that the Indian government had allowed cargo from the airport and had sent 250 kilograms of flowers to Delhi and 400 kilograms of fruits such as pomegranate and grapes to Chennai and Bengalru during the pre-Kovid period. “This will create an additional source of income for farmers … There is a lot of horticulture around Shirdi. Based on market research, we realized that there is a huge demand for marigold and rose flowers in Chennai and Delhi. “Farmers have to transport these flowers to Nashik, which has a low shelf life and as a result affects prices.”

MDC also plans to build a separate freight terminal to ensure flawless loading operations, which will report back in about two months.


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