Maine man with handwritten license plate in New Hampshire

In the Straford County High Court in New Hampshire, a senior judge has indicted a Maine man who crashed into a car with license plates and drugs.

Benjamin Ball, 26, was last known in Sanford, Maine, on three counts of negligence for possession of a firearm and possession of fentanyl.

If convicted, he could face up to 35 years in prison.

According to Rochester police officials, on May 5, around 8:30 pm, an officer was driving around Knight Street when he saw a man driving a car without headlights. He pulled back and looked at a handwritten board.

The officer turned on the emergency lights, but the ball was not pulled. According to police, another vehicle crossed the two yellow lines.

It is said that the ball continued to spin incorrectly. He failed to turn on North Main Street.

Ball and female passenger Brandy Richmond are said to have fled the scene before being arrested by a Sanford, Maine resident.

Soccer was charged on August 19.

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