Major gardeners to visit the pond

Jefferson – Jefferson County Chief Gardeners Volunteers will visit Hamerson Pond on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Steve Mode leads the tour of the pond and discusses native plants and future plans for the area. Bark River Nature Park and Hamerson Pond are located at Fort Atkinson 522 S. IV.

The public welcomes the visit and discussion.

Mode shares future stories and plans for Bark River Park and Hamerson Park. Participants learn the purpose and importance of gardening in a park and pond. Water and canned cookies are available.

Jefferson County is hiring new chief gardener volunteers for 2022.

• Register and complete foundations in Vegetables and Fruits – Friday fall deadline of 2021;

• Participate in a county open house

• Enroll in an online course by participating in the main garden program, available from January-March 2022.

Foundations in Gardening is a current supply for those interested in becoming a major gardener or learning more about gardening in Wisconsin.

Foundations in Fruits and Vegetables – A new online course designed to grow and care for plants in Wisconsin. FIH is an interactive online course that includes readings, videos, and questions and answers with experts. There are also alternative online labs. FIH is available to the public.

The public is invited to attend the Jefferson County Master’s Gardeners Volunteers Association meetings and programs.

The meeting will be held on the second Thursday of the month, 6:45 p.m., at Wisconsin-Extension University, Jefferson County, 864 Collins Road, Jefferson. JCMGVA can be reached at the extension office at 920-674-7295 or email


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