Major Growing Tomatoes (Location UAE)

Major Growing Tomatoes (Location UAE)

The company is a dynamic and fast-growing company with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. High product quality and high technical standards are the hallmarks of the company. We are looking for a candidate who has work experience for the site itself for a specific farming process

Major Growing Tomatoes (Location UAE)


The candidate is responsible for leading a team of farmers responsible for ordering, seeding, planting, planting, crop maintenance, pollen, harvesting and packaging for all aspects of the tomato value stream. The relevant candidate should be able to provide hands-on training to new staff: teach corrective techniques on crop maintenance, harvesting, packaging, etc. Report to the head of operations, and ensure that the candidate is quality and consistency. Delivered final product to customers. Manage all aspects of attendance and staff breaks by ensuring adequate staff skills and availability to meet operating requirements. Be the technical focus of all growing developments within the company (GCC region) using your network to access knowledge quickly when needed. In addition, the candidate should have experience in growing hydroponic plants, including leafy greens, microgreens, tomatoes, and strawberries.

Work requirements

The candidate we want has a bachelor’s degree in agronomy, horticulture or agricultural studies. He or she has extensive and proven experience (at least 5 years) in growing CEA or in a hydroponic greenhouse. Deep background in gardening, both theoretically and practically, is essential. Must be familiar with LED lighting systems, and how to optimize them. He must be an expert on the principles of plant development (GPP) and know the principles of GAP. He / she, among other things, manages daily activities throughout the farming process. It involves planning and organizing the planning process so that staff can use it efficiently. Problems in the crop, such as pests, diseases, and malnutrition, are quickly identified and addressed. It is an excellent command of English, both in writing and in speech. The candidate must be able to travel independently in the GCC.

A special test for a related candidate is waiting for you. In addition to a great deal of professional knowledge and experience, some sense of adventure and a true pioneer spirit are essential. The working conditions are very good and it fits into the position of responsibility.

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