Making a road, or going natural, is a two-way street in the Florida landscape

Designed and landscaped yards can create a sense of space around the house. Clearing grass and landscapes, winding paths and organic materials will give gardens and landscapes a natural feel.

When plants, difficult situations, and decorations are chosen, we can look at Florida’s natural environment and make our homes feel like pine forests, or perhaps an oak hammer. The Florida style is ideal for this “sense of place” and the trend is becoming more popular throughout the state.

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As one of the UF / Extension Lake County Master gardeners teaches, look at nature to guide design and garden maintenance. Trim the bushes to the clouds, leaving the perfect rectangles or circles we are used to. Shrubs should flow to each other in slow, round shapes.

Slightly narrow the ends so that the bushes do not become too heavy and the lower branches do not stumble. Take a look at the hot summer days on the big cumulus clouds and use their soft and informal look as inspiration.

Wind paths and sidewalks to simulate rivers and streams and to avoid heavy, geometric shapes such as rectangles, triangles and squares. Since these things happen in nature and help to add to the overall natural theme, choose sidewalk materials such as mud, stone or even crushed bark. In a landscaping association (HIA), sand was used to create roads in and around green shrubs and trees for sale. The whole garden felt like Zen, and the sand was necessary to create this effect.

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