Malay farmer gives TAFE lesson green thumb

Buddy Farmer and TAFE Student Ain Binay Nood Kadri.

TAFE NSW has developed a new course on food production to help consumers grow their own food and use slower food.

Jacques Johnson, Head of Land Management, Vegetation and Conservation Land Management at Koff Port Education Campus, said the new course, which promotes good food crops, is designed to meet the demand for sustainable food development techniques throughout the country. With gardeners.

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The free course allows students to understand soil types, control plant pests, how to control weeds, and build pressure irrigation systems.

The course comes at a time when many people want to eat locally grown fruits and vegetables and find out where their food comes from.

4.7 million households are developing their own farms for their kitchens.

This number has increased over the past 12 months due to CV-19.

Among those who grow their own food and study the new course is Awin bin Nood Kadri, a resident of Kof Port, Malaysia, who grew up on a small orchard.

The growing farmer also works as a fruit picker in Costa Berry.

“I sometimes fill Ho Costa Costa Berry as an assistant superintendent and my goal is to grow full-time.

He said the course is helping me to build strong skills and industry-oriented knowledge so that I can be a strong competitor.

“My father grows rambut and mangoes in Malaysia.

“Once I have the knowledge, one day I will be able to return home and teach my family new skills.”

“Learning with TAFE NSW means that I have mastered the culinary skills and can one day start my own farm.”

By Sandra MOON

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