Manchurian Fulfill Dad’s Late Dream, Grow Dragon

Manchester They lost their father on VV only a year ago, but sadly they did not let it get worse. Instead, they decided to fulfill their father’s dream of growing dragon fruit on their two-hectare farm in the remote Mandel in the district. By the way, this was the first time anyone in the district had tried to raise a dragon fruit, and it was a success.

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After the death of his 49-year-old father, Rajalinu, he met Jadi Sai Tejan and his younger brother Vishwa Tejan, who not only raised fruit but also took care of their mother and grandmother.

Following the sudden death of their father, these two brothers and sisters were caring for an organic dragon fruit crop, and recently harvested it successfully. In the process, the two men set an example for farmers in Manchuria to grow alternative crops and make agriculture a lucrative business, which Prime Minister K. Chandraskhar Rao has repeatedly said.

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“My father was a professional government teacher, creative farmer and social activist. His death shocked us. But we are determined to promote the legacy of the dragon fruit, which was started in 2019 with an investment of 8 million rubles. We have realized our dream of promoting Taiwan brakes to the area at an affordable price, ”said 21-year-old Sai Teja.

Sai Teja, who holds a BA in public administration, said his father died while the crop was in bloom and could not even taste the ‘fruit’ of the effort. He added: “We have collected about 10 quintals of nutritious fruit in the first crop.” The two men sold the fruit at the Manchuria market for 100 to 140 birr.

Vishwa Teja, 19, is following in the footsteps of a civilian who was involved in a search for the fruit, claiming that he had helped his father on the field since he was a child. He is involved in growing crops while studying engineering and online courses in computer science.

He said that if a person accepts effective farming techniques and works sincerely, he will be able to ensure that he can successfully produce not only commercial crops such as cotton, paddy, maize but also fruits in Telgana. The dragon fruit crop can be considered as a medium, he said, adding that it was a good investment in cultivating this fruit.

“We want to create awareness among farmers about fruit crops and organic farming. We are ready to share our experience with others who are interested in cultivating the dragon fruit that can be harvested in 18 months to two years. The fruit can be picked every two weeks for six months after harvest, He explained.

Considering their success, officials from the Department of Horticulture said plans are underway to provide subsidies of up to 5 million rubles per hectare. The institution will be introduced after senior officials submit their suggestions, said Surajara, Bellampali Gardening Officer.

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