Manhattan Opera Rehabilitation Collection presents Angelius Negros

Manhattan Opera Rehabilitation Collection (Additional OPERA) Singing, Opera Performance, Spanish Traditional Music and Spiritual Parties Sunday, September 26, 2021 at 125th Avenue Plaza (Park Avenue) from 2pm to 5pm and Saturday, October 2, 2021 from 5pm 8 a.m. on Plaza de Las America, 651 West 175th Avenue and Broadway in the Washington Heights.

The concert explores the traditions and heritage of African American and Latino opera singers and presents a historical narrative of their travel success. The program will be hosted and narrated in Spanish and English by Juan Jose Escalante, Director General of the Jose Lemon Dance Foundation. Metropolitan opera baritone Richard Hobson and Soprano yl Real Warfield will be accompanied by pianist Steven Crawford. Special guest Jose Senak sings the capelina interpretations of the Dominican Republic Republic’s blockbuster and the Puerto Rico Spanish elections.

In addition to the concert, the interactive activities of the audience include singing lessons, dances and 10-minute audience songs for children and adults. After the concert, artists discuss their careers and economic and social justice issues and gain an understanding of what a color artist is. Admission is free.

Juan Jose Escalante has been the executive director of the Jose Lemon Dance Foundation in New York since 2014. And Orlando Ballet before joining Lemon.

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