Manitowek Public Library Host Vegetation Development Program Monday

The following article is presented by Jordan Kabat, a professional gardener.

As the discussion shifts to the topic of gardening, there are many myths and misconceptions.

Unfortunately, a well-meaning hobby seeks to carry healthy advice, even if it does not have a proper knowledge of the subject and continues to be a completely ugly process.

As summer separates us and we enter the harvest, this is the funniest thought I have ever had — nothing should be done in the garden other than pruning and pruning (and sometimes people don’t even do that!). While these are important tasks that will prepare the garden for the winter and finally for the next growing season, there is much we can do to make our gardens grow in the years to come.

As a specialist gardener in peonies, hemeracolis (day flowers), lily (true flowers) and clematis, I have a few tips and tricks for both beginner and experienced gardeners. As a result, Manitook Public Library asked me to be part of a special online distribution to dispel some of the gardening myths I encountered – and to share with you some of my knowledge of Harvest Gardening.

Basically, I will discuss the fall cleansing — or in other words, what to cut, what to leave alone, what to do with leaves and mules, and so on. If I can, I will give a few short lessons. If time allows, I would like to discuss some interesting spring gardening activities. They can include these potential distributors as they are the perfect time to dig and divide peonies.

Jordan Kabat

Harvest is the time to gather seeds, and I will discuss what to look for, how to harvest and store, and how different types of seeds will grow. You’ll also get some advice from me about participating in botanical associations – although this isn’t just a fall activity, it’s a great time of year when you have a lot of unusual or you can score plants. Occasionally available plants!

Check out the MPL Facebook page ( on Monday, September 13, at 6:30 p.m. You can join me in my garden from the comfort of your own sofa (no need for foam!) Where I can sow some knowledge and reap the benefits!

If we are lucky and we do not see another flood in the coming weeks, they say, we should all have more opportunities to enjoy our gardens before the snow falls. . .


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