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Chandigarh – In Punjab, Congressman Harnona Prime Minister Manohar Lal Qatra has listed a number of steps taken by the BJP after the congressional government accused him of inciting violence among farmers and asked what the Amarder Singh government had done in comparison.
“Dear @capt_amarinder ji, Haryana bought 10 crops with MSP – paddy, wheat, mustard, bajra, gram, mong, corn, groundnuts, sunflower, cotton and MSP pays directly to the farmer. How many crops do you buy from the farmer at MSP?

Harina also said that for the past seven years, the highest MSP in the country has been paying sugarcane to farmers.
During the 2021-22 uprising, why did all the sugarcane varieties agree on the state’s agreed price (SAP) at 15 quintals of walking distance? He asked. A week ago.
In Qatar, the Punjab government on Monday reacted angrily to Sing’s aggravation of farmers’ unrest among farmers.
The exchange took place two days after opposition farmers clashed with police in the canal.
Singh returned shortly afterwards, and the BJP, including Hariya and CM, took refuge in “shameful lies” by hiding “horrific attacks” on opposition farmers.
“Instead of blaming Pun Najab for the damage done by your party to the agricultural sector,” Sing said in a statement, he said.
Hours later, Qatar tweeted that it would provide 7,000 rubles per hectare to every farmer who wanted to stay away from Paddy’s farm, citing the government’s charitable measures for farmers.
“What kind of encouragement does Pun Najab give to the farmer in the same way?” He asked.
Qatar also said it would pay 12 percent interest to farmers if the payment was delayed by more than 72 hours.
“Does Pun Najab pay interest on late payment?” Russia pays $ 5,000 per hectare to Hariyana, a farmer who receives technology seeds directly. He asked.
Hariyana also pays 1,000 Rebels per hectare for woodworking and sells Pada straw and wants to know from Singh, “What encouragement does Pun Najab give to the farmer?”
He also said that micro-irrigation system has been launched to support farmers to irrigate with 85 percent subsidy.
“What kind of encouragement does Pun Najab give, and is he even concerned about the rapidly depleting water table where the farmer ends up?” He asked.
Hatana said he would support farmers who grow vegetables by setting up “Bahawartan Bharpei Yojana” to alleviate the price gap.
“What encouragement does Pun Najab give to fruit and vegetable farmers?


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