Many farmers drop onion bulbs, hug seeds | Trichi News – Indian Times

TRICHI: To meet the growing demand for small onions, he started distributing onion seeds instead of onion bulbs. The seeds are grown in protected areas in the tray. Hundreds of onion farmers have benefited from the growth as they have been able to produce high yields by reducing input costs, officials said.
Onion seeds are being considered as a special program under the National Vegetation Development Program following the recent increase in onion prices. Last year, the department launched an action plan to produce 500 hectares of onion seeds in Trichi. Accordingly, onion seeds were being grown in the Manikanda block of Torakudi State.
The government is providing 2.5 hectares of onion seeds to farmers under the National Horticulture Mission hybrid. Onion seeds are expected to cover 750 hectares in the woreda during this special season, C Vimala, deputy director of horticulture, told TOI.
“Every year, farmers have to store large quantities of onion bulbs as seeds. But for various reasons, they have not been able to stay safe for a long time. This creates an interest in onions. When seeds are used instead of bulbs, they do not need to keep the main part of their produce for seed purposes, ”he said.
Since November-December is a good time for small onions, many farmers have begun preparations to sow 4,000 rubles per kilogram. As one hectare requires 2.5 kilograms, farmers have to buy it for 10,000 rubles. In the case of onion bulbs, officials have to spend more money on seeds, officials added.
Compared to onion bulbs, new varieties such as Co6 produce higher yields and are more resistant to disease. For these reasons, farmers come forward to sow seeds; The deputy director added. After all farmers start using seeds, the price fluctuations in the market can stabilize. Authorities are persuading farmers to adopt the new technology.



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