Map shows where the Japanese rock is found in the north

The Japanese Notweed is an obstacle for anyone who wants to sell their house or clean their garden.

But now, with the help of a fruit-and-vegetable interactive map, there is a good way for the invasive species to be directly at risk.

In the UK over the past five years, cases have grown by 27.91 percent.

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Although Northampshire has a relatively small number of clusters compared to its neighbors Bedford and Sister Leicester, this could cause problems for landowners.

Red dots are live issues, green areas are solved

When Japanese engineers thought that railroads would provide stability and aesthetics, Japan’s first railway was first introduced from Japan into Britain.

Instead, thanks to the fast-growing root system, the bundle can be very costly.

The plant often causes damage to property foundations, flood defenses and sidewalks – some plants even invade homes.

According to a recent survey, four out of five people will refrain from buying if they find out that it has a Japanese way, and those who want to buy the damaged property expect it to reduce the price of the house. .

The most disturbing statistic is that almost half of the people showed that they did not know Japanese Notweed.

There are 15 weed issues and two unresolved issues in Northampton.

There is a small cluster in the Wellingborg area, but otherwise they are relatively widespread in parts of Keating, Northampton, Brakeley and East Northampton.

South Yorkshire is home to more than 1,000 cases in the UK.

In addition, there are an estimated 19,702 cases of Japanese Noteway cases that have not yet been confirmed.

You can identify this dangerous plant with special red and green shoots, lobster leaves and white flowers that appear in late summer.

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