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Sometimes I think there may be a war at Christmas, which the smart attackers do by over-exerting it. Every year, holiday movies, sponsored by Uletyide ads, begin a little earlier, reducing the world’s peace to a significant market share. My suspicion arose when one of the networks launched the annual “Christmas in July” program; Of course, those who want to ruin the season are trying to dull our hopes.

Now is the time to review the rites of passage that preceded the pagan Christmas festivities, including the exchange of gifts. When I was young, I had four children and a very limited budget, and I made handmade gifts. When I was older and could afford to buy “better” money, my brothers and sisters complained that I missed home baking, and one sister-in-law complained that it was not finished yet! This freed me from any worries about the supply chain.

Now that the time has come for a strong preparation, I do not just bake myself. In addition, sweaters allow me to make sure my kids wear clean socks at least once a year and reduce the fat loss by including healthy vegetables. At this point I need to include alerts for my family.

This year I am planting seeds in the garden and I am preparing recipes, dried beans and / or peas with flour mixed with vegetables, barley or rice, and a complete set of seeds. I make packages this summer with tips on how to use dried herbs such as oregano, mint and basil. I am preparing a large almond chips to share with what David calls “my unsuspecting family,” but once they have tasted it, they too will fall on them. My Lavender and Rosemary bushes are not yet big enough to harvest, but when they do, I will add them. For now, I buy Lavender and make bags with them, put one in my bag, and to keep track of the fragrance, I lay out each gift with a ribbon tied around it.

Coincidentally, the deer could not resist the smell, so he assured me that I should plant a rosemary to prevent it. Probably not, but Elk developed a taste for it.

If you have a tool or gardening book, now is the time to tell someone who plans to give you a gift. Make it easy for your family and friends. I bought the gift for some of my more trained relatives and arranged for the giver to know what I had bought. At Central Sanich, Interaction Sales sells professional quality equipment, and the garden fork includes a limited edition of Genius Sais Kui under the Christmas tree.

Happy Holidays, however. Let us recall the section “On Good Will for People” in the period from time to time.

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