Masks are mandatory in NYS Fair buildings, but many faces are empty

Syracuse, New York – Masks are needed in almost every New York State fair this year, but they still see a lot of nakedness between narrators and presenters.

One day this week, less than half of all the vendors in many large fair buildings are properly wearing masks. Justice officials say they will take action against masked sellers, quoting citations and sellers for repeated violations.

The Fairgoers were generally the most obedient group, with a quarter of them actually wearing masks at home. Those who did not cover their faces gave various reasons for leaving without a mask.

“I’m a Trump supporter,” said John Adam, a Syracuse resident. “I don’t care because I have the vaccine. If I have to wear a mask, why is it difficult to get vaccinated? ”

Experts say that people who get vaccinated are less likely to get sick or die from VV-19 and are less likely to spread the disease to others.

“It’s hard to breathe,” said Cliff Davis, a Newburg resident, as he walked through the DEC Aquarium building one hot afternoon. We looked around and no one else was wearing them.

Although vendors have hundreds of close personal interactions on a daily basis, vendors are less likely to wear masks than cargo makers. At a party pillow display, in front of the Garden and Fruit Building, two saleswoman pushed their fields to their feet and gave up their fields. They sat in a series of visitors, all dressed in masks.

“If I wear a mask, they won’t listen to me,” said Cindy, a pillow seller who did not want to be named. She said that the company had told her that she did not need to wear a mask when talking to customers.

Almost everyone wears a mask in a booth run by government agencies and associations in the development center building. In other tents, some workers, including hairdressers and figs, wore masks.

Justice Fair spokeswoman Dave Bullard said the exhibition inspects buildings every day.

“We warn sellers that they are not wearing masks and are committing violations to repeat offenders,” Bullard said in an email. After a third breach, the seller will be dismissed.

Vendors were warned, but no one was mentioned or fired.

The officials of the judiciary were given the task of carrying out the mission, but it was not their rule. Ondonga County Executive Ryan McMahon issued an executive order requiring masks on all indoor buildings for more than two years. According to McMahon, masks can help reduce the spread of novel coronavirus. Local Covi-19 cases were added last month due to the highly contagious Delta variant.

McMahon’s order allows them to wear masks or to practice medical treatment for religious reasons. It is wrong to disobey the command.

Signs informing the mask policy will stand outside the fair construction entrances, and the policy will be repeatedly stated in the exhibition address system.

Justice Director Troy Waffner admits it will be difficult to implement even before the 18-day exhibition kicks off last Friday.

“Every time they visit the exhibition, we ask those who have not been vaccinated to wear masks, and we ask everyone to wear masks in our buildings,” he wrote in a letter to a day before the show’s opening. “These two missions cannot be carried out by the police. We have many of you and they are not enough for us. We rely on people to do the right thing. ”

Most travelers did the right thing. A reporter toured several buildings this week and reported that 73% of the 450 passengers seen were wearing masks. Another 27% include those who do not have a mask, chin straps, and under the nose.

Chris, who gave his first name only to masked men, said he came from Scranton, where no one wore a mask.

“I didn’t bring any,” he said. When I returned home, I did not wear any masks when I went to Walmarth or any other supermarket.

Blue-eyed masks are on display at the exhibition center, including the Exhibition Center and the guest booth. In each of the two booths this week, at least one worker did not wear a mask while talking to participants.

At Eatery at the Exhibition Center, 40% of customers who serve or prepare meals did not wear masks or under their noses or mouths.

Earlier this week, Waffer said he had been receiving written instructions from the Ononaga County Health Department when he saw a man wearing a mask at home.

“So we explain the rules there and encourage people to follow them,” Waffner said. But it is a large area and we cannot cover all areas at any time.

Although it is a ceremony, the show does not require vaccination certification and is asking non-vaccinated people to wear masks even outside the home. Health professionals recommend that everyone wear a mask outside in crowded places, such as packed concerts. Few people do that.

So far, only a handful of concerts have been packed. With low availability and many buildings partially empty, travelers still do not feel cramped indoors or outdoors.

Staff Writer Don Kazenterre contributed to this report.

Experts say everyone should wear masks outdoors in crowded New York State shows, but rock pop band fans wore little during a crowded show on Chevy Park on Tuesday night. Dennis Net |

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