Masks, Vaccines, Experiments – Regional Expectations on How to Protect Covi Distribution and What Happens if Positive

State Standards (WSYR-TV) – The Onondaga County Health Commissioner says she will not tell people whether they are going to the New York State Fair or not.

In an interview with News Channel 9 on the opening day of the exhibition, Dr. Indu Gupta said, “Do you really have to go this year or do you not want to go this year? That is a personal decision. ”

Director of Justice Troy Waffner is of the same opinion. He said: “The 2021 exhibition should be a personal decision. If you feel safe, come. If you do not feel safe, do not come. We will have 2022. ”

For those who decide to leave, Waffner says be polite and patient. Masks are needed in all buildings and are encouraged by outsiders.

I understand there are strong opinions about the epidemic and the masks, but you have to wear your masks to avoid fighting with our people.

Troy Waffner, NSS Justice Director

Signs will be placed outside the entrance of each building to remind people. Mask distributors are available in many locations.

“This will be as safe as we can be,” promised Waffner.

In addition to the ongoing immunization campaigns in the provinces, there is also an 18-day screening at government exhibitions.

At the New York State Exhibition, the signs in the former display kitchen point to a test center where people can be tested for COVID-19. They have to wear masks at home all year this year because of the growing threat posed by the Delta.

Members of the public can do research at the Art and Home Center. Vendors have the option of volunteering behind the backyard.

Positive results are determined by the State Department of Health in contact with the infected person. From then on, the impact on a positive performance will depend on the circumstances of each individual.

Information that is easily accessible may not even be shared with the public.

Dr. Gupta says there are no criteria for how different case numbers affect fair limits.

The director of justice said he was willing to adjust the exhibition during the epidemic.

The health commissioner says that to limit time and distance, especially those who have a positive test can walk until they have reported the results.

“Mask. Mask. Mask. It should be a fashion statement at this time, ”said Dr. Gupta.

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