Master Gardener Basic Training

Who are the main gardeners writing this column? We are an adult volunteer trained in Penn State Extension. After training, Master gardeners help the community by answering extension gardening questions, talking to groups, working with 4-H gardening projects, maintaining extension gardens, teaching plant science and horticulture, writing gardening articles, and many other ways. Leading gardeners are willing to teach individuals and groups about horticulture, plant selection, fertilizer and soil health, pest control, flowering, gardening, pruning and more. Our program supports Pen State Extension by disseminating independent, research-based consumer and fruit information to the public. Do you seem to enjoy any of these activities?

Why would a Penn State Extension Master Master volunteer? Participants in our program develop new friendships and intimacy as they work together to share their knowledge and experience with the public. The main criteria for selection are a desire to learn more about gardening, a sincere desire to help others, and a personal passion for gardening. Gardening experience and knowledge are important, but they are not required to enroll in a master gardening volunteer program. A good master gardener is interested in learning and helping others.

How does one become a volunteer gardener in Penn State Extension Master? Senior gardening trainees from the provinces of Colombia, Montreal and Norberland will participate in a nationwide training course, including an interactive, live webinar from 6 to 8:15 p.m. This course. The topics of training are orientation and communication, basic plant, plant reproduction, plant diseases, basic onomology, plant diagnostics, soil health in fertilizer management and strengthening, pest control, weeds and invasive species, native plants, grass care, herbaceous plants, wood ornaments, ornaments Cutting plants, berries, trees, houseplants and vegetables. In Danville, trainees receive physical activity every month.

What else is involved? In lieu of training, our Pen State Extension Master Veterinarians will provide a 50-hour volunteer period until September 30, 2022. After becoming a certified Penn State Extension Master gardener, they each give the community at least 20 hours of volunteer time and complete 10. Continuous education each year. Further educational opportunities are provided. Colombia’s top gardeners meet every month in Bloomberg. The chief gardeners of the districts of Montour and Northumberland meet monthly, usually in Danville.

Come to us by sharing your gardening feelings and interests with others. We train you in all aspects of gardening! Yes, there is significant investment in your time both during and after training. The prospective trainee must complete the online application by September 5 and then interview before October 4. A 780-page, strong and colorful, Penn State Extension Master Gardener Manual is provided for each trainee. The program is definitely worth it!

Mary Joe. R. Gibson has been a gardener for Penn Stee Extension Master of Columbia County since 2003.


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