Maximum AGG donations reached $ 20,731,627 for 2021 – Advocate – Messenger

The sum is divided between 4-H, FFA, KDA

Kentucky Farm

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Kentucky farmers have donated $ 731,627.67 to the 2021 AG identification program – the highest in the program’s history, according to Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quars.

This year’s donation is $ 119,884.59, up from $ 629,865.43 in 2017.

“I would like to send a big ‘thank you’ to all the donors who have contributed to this year’s” Ag Tag “program, past all records, to show how meaningful our agricultural community is to Kentucky.” Over the years, the AGG program has succeeded in providing much-needed funding to promote agriculture and educate Kentucky youth on the importance of agriculture in our daily lives. Your generosity will give Kentucky agriculture a bright future.

Voluntary donations are distributed equally between the Kentucky 4-H, the Kentucky FF and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KED). This year, each team will receive $ 243,875.89.

KAD uses the tag money for a variety of programs such as the Ag Athlete of the Year Award, the Kentucky Leopold Conservation Award, the Kentucky Women in Agriculture, and the University of Kentucky Grain and Pasture Center.

“The Kentucky FFA Foundation is excited about the 2021 Ag Tag campaign. We give half of the money in each county to local chapters in that county, so this will have a greater impact on each community, ”said Kentucky FAA Foundation executive. We will also use the AGG grant to support the most important technological improvements in agricultural classrooms in Kentucky, provide travel scholarships to our students competing in the National FF Convention, and provide a good experience for our students at the Kentucky State Fair. . The AGG program is an important part of achieving our vision of building growth leaders, communities and strengthening agriculture.

“The aggregated dollar-funded AGG dollar plays an important role in supporting 4-H programs in 120 counties. The provision of local 4-H programs will enable young people to grow as leaders, build their communication skills and grow into active, participatory community members, ”said Melissa Miller, executive director of the Kentucky 4-H Foundation. Thank you to everyone who chose to donate $ 10 and support this Kentucky youth on the record year.

Kentucky drivers who purchase or renew farm vehicle license plates or “ag tags” can voluntarily donate up to $ 10 to the AG tag. Half of the 4-H and FFA funds will be returned to the county where the account was purchased, and both organizations will use the money to support local programs, awards and scholarships.

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