Mayor Derek Dobis plans to reintroduce city ordinance allowing pigs, bees and chickens

JACKSON, MICH – Jackson Mayor Derek Dobis has introduced a bill that will allow people to raise small pigs, chickens and bees in the city early in the summer.

The city council objected, but he did not die.

There are people in the city who want to see this happen, and the Dobbi plan to bring the proclamation to the council again.

John Haynes, a beekeeping instructor at the Dahlem Center, says beekeeping in urban areas is declining, especially in the bee population.

“I mean,” said Hayes, “native bees, butterflies, bumblebees, and even wild honey bees in the trees of the city.” “As these numbers decrease, as beekeepers, we can grow really healthy and sustainable beehives to make up for the pollen deficiency, and in the process, of course, we will use trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables. ”

And then there’s honey.

“Raw and unfiltered, locally available but different from the national distribution product, it is really good, it has a lot of essential vitamins and minerals and amino acids for people. There are good environmental benefits, but there are also good personal benefits from adding pollen. ”

Joe Gebhardt, WSYM, 2021

The city allows community gardens. From its growth, James Inoscio says that bees and chickens fit right into those gaps.

“I think bees and chickens are good. I don’t think chickens hurt anyone and I think it’s really great for people to be able to produce protein in the form of eggs here without having to do much to change the water for the chickens. “With 10 in 20 plots, you can grow six months of the year and get chickens that make a lot of money for people. I want as many people as possible to produce their own food, to have that guarantee, to have access to that food system.

When honey bees are mixed with wasps and yellow jackets, many activists go to school.

If we are serious about community gardens and farms in Jackson, I think it’s basically a big deal to deliver local produce with sweat equity, the only way to increase that is to have bees. Bees are there. Bees do not chase you. Bees do their pollen work, ”said Lisa Haynes, a Jackson resident.

Inosencio believes the ordinance will go a long way in making urban farming more successful in Jackson.

“It has to be done really well,” says Inoscio. “A lot of people don’t want to create pigs running around, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. But when everyone is accustomed to new ideas, urban farming… has been successful and good for people everywhere.

Urban agricultural experts say it is important that these provisions be clear, complete and easy to understand.

Grow Jackson

Joe Gebhardt, WSYM, 2021

Until recently, it was difficult to know what was allowed for urban farmers and gardeners, according to Rachel Santo, senior research program coordinator at Johns Hopkins University.

“There were very strict rules for certain types of animals, but beyond that it is vague and confusing,” Santo said. “Therefore, it is definitely important to be more transparent. However, it is not so complicated by complex language or complex laws that make it difficult for a person to be face-to-face and grow up, because the ultimate goal of most of these policies is to support people in growing and feeding people. And try to make it as accessible as possible without disturbing the residents.

Dobbys can bring the ordinance to the city council early next week.

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