Mayor triggers more than 8 months delay in DC operations | Chandigarh News – Indian Times

Panchula: About eight months after the various general agendas of the municipal corporation’s first general meeting, no progress has been made.
At the F&CC (Finance and Contract Committee) meeting, Mayor Kulubushan Goyal was not nominated for any job.
Reminding the authorities of the delay, the mayor asked for a bid for the necessary works. Senior engineer (XEN) Sanjeev Gupta assured him that the bid would be flown until the end of September.
During the F&CC meeting, it was decided to paint all road barrels yellow and black. XEN Sanjeev Gupta, chief engineer (XEN), said four bids, each with five sectors, will be flown.
Development projects to be completed during the January meeting include renovation of community centers, growing grass on all trails, decorating entrances and exits, motor corridors, sectors 8, 9, 10 and 19, and drainage systems. With others.
During the F&CC meeting, it was decided to upgrade facilities at all community centers and purchase air conditioners, LEDs, gymnasts, table tennis, chess, carom, reading tables, badminton net, among other electronic items. A four-member committee has been formed, including SDO Raj Kumar Sharma, Member of Parliament Sharma, Lockerner and Unnet Bansel.
For the re-establishment of Sector 10 and 12 Community Centers, 12 krol of technical certification is expected to be accepted by September 10, after technical certification, bids floated. Sector 15 Community Center budget has increased from 2.50 kronor to 4.50 kroner.
XN said the auction for pedestrians will be completed soon and work on the non-motorized corridor will be completed by October 15, and a new cow will be built and XEN will get the same five hectares of land. Until Friday.
It has also been decided to repair and maintain 29 non-functional e-rickshaws with the MC. Other bids for small works, a van, two JCB machines, a Shactman machine for fruit and fruit wings and a 2.63 kroner bushing machine. A bid of 3 million birr will be launched for the new MC building.
Renovation of roads around the city will begin on September 3. MC will spend 5 million quarters on the project, starting with sectors 7/18, 21 and industrial areas. MC officials say the nightclub bid will be flown soon.
Approval for various jobs was presented in the presence of ACC Commissioner Darramvir Singh, Joint MC Commissioner Sanyam Garg, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Depak Sura, XN Sanjeev Gupta and SDOs, as well as JCs working with the MC.
Asked about the slow pace of development in the city, Mayor Kulbushan Goyal said, . If the authorities had started the work earlier, the city would have looked different. ”
Box – Bids for F&CC Meeting –
– Renovation of 12, 12 community centers in the sector at 12 crore
– Renovation of Sector 15 Community Center at 4.50 Rs
– Reconstruction of city streets by 5 kroner
– Buy Dumper Plaster, Pick Up Van, 2 JCB Machines, Shactman Machine, Forest Cutting Machine for 2.63 Kroner
– Rainwater drainage system to be installed in 8, 9, 10 and 19 sectors
– Paint road barrels in yellow and black, bid for distribution
– Motor vehicle corridor work to be completed by October 15th
– New Gauhala to be built on more than 5 hectares of land
– Repair of 29 e-rickshaws
– Dinner street bidding within 15 days


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