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Chandigarh – Building & Roads (B&R) and MC Engineering Department Horticulture Senior officers from both wings described the work in their respective areas, including the financial situation and related issues.
The B&R Wing spoke about the road red carpet work in the city, its status, the length of the roads, the timing of the re-carpet, and related issues. Since the road carpet is the main work of the MC engineering department, the Authority spends a lot of money on re-carpeting on the road every year and does the bidding process.
Fruit and vegetable officials provided information on parks, green belts, etc. and explained that they have signed with the Residential Charities (RSS) to take care of the city’s parks. Giving information about the dark areas, electric wing officers talked about the process of installing lights in dark places in the city.
Later, a description of the city cleaners, mechanical cleaning, etc., led by the Citizens’ Health Department (MH) led by the Chief Medical Officer (MOH) was also included in the presentation. The office also explained the operation of the office of birth and death, the mission of the people (SBM), etc.
He said most departments have developed power points to illustrate things visually.


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