McCracken County Fair Flower Show in June

The county flowers return to the county this June. Flower shows are a great way to learn about new plants and species, both for exhibitions and for the general public. Amazing and ingenious floral designs (adults and teens), educational demonstrations and gardeners and gardeners answer questions.

In the last two years since the last Macrak County County Fair, our garden plants have outgrown themselves. They produce coriander and the most favorable climate, lush, healthy for many years, shrubs, trees, and edible crops. Plants At the 2022 Exhibition, June 21-22, Horticulture Day and June 23-25, they produced seedlings ready for display at Design Day.

Anyone can access the cuttings of annual plants, perennials, shrubs, trees and shrubs. Each category of horticulture lists plant species such as zenia and the species you can import, including my favorite, ‘other species’, will always have a place for that beautiful specimen.

The design division is another favorite of mine. By creating designs, I look at plants with a new perspective and admire their beauty, even weeds can be beautiful.

This year’s theme is “WOOF”, which includes dog-related homework, houndstooth, and “Hot Dog!” (‘Swimming and dog food to eat together’). This section is designed for three days so it is important to learn how to adjust the plant material. This includes knowing which plants do not need to be in the water and which water to breathe.

You will also learn that it is illegal to remove Kentucky native plants from public land when you enter the Kentucky Flower Fair, and the following are federally-listed endangered Kentucky plants at flower shows: Prices Potato-Bean, Cumberland Sandwort Cumberland Rosemary, White-haired and Short Goldenders, Ver. Run Buffalo Clover and Straw. These 10 terrible invaders will not be allowed.

Contact the McCracken County Extension Office for a copy of the Flower Show Program 270-554-9520.

Garden – Make psom Salts (Magnesium) በእያንዳንዱ with rose fertilizer around each rose plant. Apply general fertilizers such as 10-10-10 year round according to general guidelines.

Apply post-monkey poppy weed control. Mosquitoes are attracted to stagnant water, hot water, and blood to feed their eggs. Take control of breeding areas. Empty anything that holds water and allow grass to be harvested. Avoid gardening at dawn or early morning when mosquitoes are most active. Fragrant herbs such as lemongrass and rosemary contain mosquito repellent. Crush their leaves to release essential oils.

Houseplants – Cut 3–4-inch-long beetles, coliforms, geraniums and trunks, remove lower leaves and place in pots. Moms work under the sand.

Trees and Shrubs – To maintain the shape of the weeping shrubs, cut off the hand by cutting into the bush and removing up to 1/3 of the branch. Start by bending the branches of new fossil fuels and sticking them into loose soil. With a little pull, it takes root. Cut, dig and plant from parent plant. Alternatively, place the branch in a container in moist soil and place it in the shade until the roots are hanging. 10-10-10 sq. Ft. -2 1.5-2 በአ Grow young green once and in July.

June 1 – “Iris” by Danny Driyer, Lunch Vegetation Series, Marshall Extension Bureau, 1933 Mayfield Highway, Benton. 12: 15-12: 45 p.m. Call 270-527-3285 to register by May 30, $ 10 plus box lunch.

June 7 – “Flower Showcase” (for McCracken Co. Fair Flower Show) – Main Gardener Toolbox Series, McCracken Co. Extension Service, 2025 New Holt Road, Paducah. 5 pm Call 270-554-9520 for more information.

June 4 – Laurel Oak Garden Club Sale, Graves Co. Extension Office, 4200 US 45, Mayfield, KY, 9-11 am

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