McGarvey Elementary School Garden

Ordinary fryCheck out today’s Trivia Toast movies

Court Survey (Song Content by Bonus John Dabkovich) – 8/16During Monday’s court hearing, Courtney is showing women music today! Play with us, and after we lost to Black and went on to break up, John took over as Janet Jackson as a backup singer! Check out the full clip!

“Podcast and Cleanup” with Life Coach Melissa Ousulivan Castro!It’s motivation Monday, and our favorite life coach has a new challenge! Melissa Ousulivan Castro talks about “podcasting and cleaning!” She joined Cody to talk.

DW61 Foundation Golf Tournament in OakdaleA very special golf course is being held in Oakdale today, and although the competition is full, there are still ways to help the DW61 Foundation! How Mercedes Wallace, Vice Dennis Wallace Widow, and Jesse Gibbs from DW61 Foundation Joined Corini.

“Life Under Zero” Star Sue Aikonns joins us!On National Geographic, “Life Under Zero” shows the worst places people can choose to live, and one of these amazing individuals is Su Ikens. Sue lives above the Arctic Circle in one of the most unforgivable regions in the world, and joined Cody to talk about your adventure!

Big Moon CustomsHusband and wife are busy with their new job! It’s called “Big Moon Customs” and they specialize in beautiful things, Julisa Ortiz is watching!

“Don’t Say You Don’t Survive”Cody talks to author Charlie Jan Anders and she gives me a preview of her new book and how to read it!

Mobile Van ComedyJulisa Ortiz with local comedian and their show: “Moving Van Comedi”. See how you can watch these funny comedians and laugh until your sides laugh so hard!

“Peter and the Wolf”We are in Sacramento Ballet and they give us a preview of their new product: “Peter and the Wolf”. See how you can go about this amazing performance!

McGarvey Elementary School GardenLori Wallace is at McGarvey Elementary School in Rancho Cordova and they are showing off their garden! Check out their new garden presented by Redeemer and Rancho Cordova people!

Clothing to keep children safeLori Wallace is in Lodi, where a special transit guard helps keep children safe. See how she does this in her daily attire!

Tyler Perry SistasCortney talks to Tyler Perry Sistas, Crystal Renee Heisslet star, as she gives us the final hint of their mid-season. See what you intend to show!

Father’s Day jokeCheck out today’s DJOTD.

PlanturaJuliza Ortiz is in Planamura in Carmikael and they show us how to have a green thumb while having a good meal! See how you can find plants while enjoying your delicious food!

Disney SpinWhen they give us a sneak peek at their new movie, Cody talks to the stars of the Disney Channel!

Skyver, 91, Part 2Ashley signed up with Doris Delong before taking a giant jump on the perfect airplane!

Plant Lady 10 a.m., 8/15/2021More fun with the lady of plants!

Cattle festivals in OakdaleWith food, fun and parades at the Cowboy Capitol of the World! Big Al brings us more than the 69th Oakdale Rodeo.

The 91-year-old Skype! Part 1They never get old to try new things … Ask this 91-year-old grandfather who plans to jump off a plane!

Teen Survey – 8/15New edition songs!

Oakdale RhodesHe calls himself the Cowboy Capitol of the World! Parade, Rhode Dance, Horse Riding and Rowing Skills, and even Cowboy Church! Food, celebration and cattle festivities for the family at the 69th Anniversary Oakdale Rodeo.

Plant Lady P. 2, 9 a.m. – 8/15Marlene Simon is good enough to take time out of her day to help with your plants and garden problems.

Plant Lady P. 1, 9 a.m. – 8/15We call her the mistress of plants because the encyclopedia has knowledge of plants! So send in your questions and be prepared for information and surprises!

RRUFF Dog CalendarThe 2022 RRUFF (Rocklin Residents for Fido, Nonprofit) Super Hero Calendar Cover Competition is underway!


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