Meet pioneers who are changing the position of CAA at the Indoor AgTech meeting

How do we overcome key challenges in urban agriculture and vertical agriculture? Featured innovators at this year’s Indoor Innovation Innovation Conference in New York, June 23-24, will present their innovative technologies, from remote sensing technology to plant physiology and recorded carbon solutions.

Internationally acclaimed by CEA’s technology innovation and acceleration, urban agriculture and vertical agriculture, it aims to raise the profile of early-stage companies and promote collaborative opportunities when meeting potential investors and partners.

Each of the industry’s most exciting entrepreneurs will present new solutions on stage, followed by a Q&A session with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), Catalyst Investors and The Monarch Group.

Pure Crop Technologies (USA) is on a mission to deliver sustainable technology solutions that will feed the world without fuel. Its proprietary technology can permanently reduce electricity waste, improve food safety, and increase crop yields or reduce product quality in a variety of food categories.

Gardin (UK) is developing optical remote sensing technology and analytics to measure plant physiology and enable food producers to produce high quality products at low cost and reduce waste. The equipment and technologies enable food producers to grow high-quality, efficient, sustainable and cost-effective products.

Nangatek (Poland) is developing and implementing solutions for food systems based on nanobubble technology. The mission is to provide solutions that enhance the potential of plants, improve and strengthen crop yields, strengthen plant resilience, and reduce fertilizer levels. By conserving nature, the technology will increase the efficiency of farming.

Polyby (Singapore) is increasing the profitability of fresh produce by automatically generating pollen and profit forecasting using nano-drones and AI. The company aims to build a closed-loop feedback loop control system for CEA development, which automatically adjusts the input points for climate and nutrients.

Find out how the new home-grown crops, including Innovation Spotlight, Wet Wasab, Hops, and Spiruline, are growing the CEA industry.

Econoke (Spain) provides a safe supply for breweries, with locally grown, vertically growing hops at reduced water levels x20, eliminating food miles and without the use of pesticides. “You can count on my economy to save your beer! “We have identified the top 10 crops with high risk of climate change, and Hops is one of the top executives in the list,” said Insa Sagrrio, CEO and co-founder.

Nordic Wasabi (Iceland) is the first high-quality product from Jurte Hydroponics to develop plants using advanced technologies and sustainable resources. The growth process is renewable and developed in pure Iceland water. “This’s a compliment to some of the world’s best chefs,” said co-founder Ragnar Thomas.

We New Farmers (USA) is a mission-driven urban agricultural company that uses carbon dioxide to create one of the most sustainable and nutritious food sources on the planet. “Coping with climate change is important to fight climate change,” says co-founder Jonas Gተርnther, “and Spirulina is preparing for a strong solution.”

Beginner Exhibition Delegates will continue their search for talent in the Start-Up Exhibition and Networking area, meet entrepreneurs and learn more about their ambitions.

Nordic (Denmark) is an analytical chemistry company that produces fast analytical tools and software for food handling. Growers, operators and consultants can use water, nutrient and plant juices to get immediate results, eliminate operational risks and increase productivity.

Saffron Tech (Israel) is the first agro-tech company to develop a year-round Shafron production protocol on permanent farms, using real-time agriculture in indoor laboratory conditions. Saffron, obtained from the Crocus Sativus flower, is considered to be one of the most valuable medicinal plants in the world.

The June 23-24 New Agtec Innovation Summit in New York will bring together 500+ 1-1 meetings, panel sessions, and panel discussions with two of the world’s leading producers, retailers, investors, seed companies and technology providers. , Two breakfast briefs and network cocktail hours.

The entire program is available from the Faculty of Speech, Beginner Profiles and Delegation Registration in person or in person at

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