Melania Trump fights with historian over ‘displacement’ in Rose Garden

Nearly eight months after leaving the White House, Melania Trump has been defending one of the most controversial acts as First Lady – last summer’s White House Rose Garden renovation.

Melania Trump, or “Melania Trump Office,” President Michael Bachlos, a historian, was forced to speak out about your “landscape design choice” after a “tragic” celebration on Saturday. He called Jacqueline Kennedy’s first concept of the project “displacement” and compared the result to the tragic grass and box office fences you see in suburban office parks.

On Sunday, Melania Trump’s office responded by calling Bashlos “ignorant.” Twitter also said the photo was misleading and “disrespectful” and “he should never be trusted as a professional historian.” “The garden is decorated with healthy and colorful roses,” the tweet said.

Critics of Melania Trump say the photo is also misleading because it failed to show how the garden’s favorite fallen trees were torn down. Bachlos suggested that the trees be removed, and cameras suggested that Melania and Donald Trump take a large entrance to the Republican National Convention on the porch leading to the Rose Garden.

The historic site served as a backdrop for Melania Trump’s speech. At the time, Democrats said it was illegal for Donald Trump to use the White House to openly host political events.

Melania Trump’s reforms also included the replacement of bright flower beds with white and pastel roses and paved sidewalks.

A year ago, Bachlos shared side-by-side comparisons.

Melania Trump’s redesign is the subject of a petition, with more than 82,000 people calling for new First Lady Jill Biden to return the garden to Jackie Kennedy’s original view.

CNN reported last August that the garden needed major improvements due to drainage problems and overgrowth of roots and trees. The reforms were also needed to “meet the changing needs of the modern president,” he said. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Trump has been holding a press conference in the garden, not in the auditorium.

John and Jacqueline Kennedy built the garden in 1961, and after being inspired by gardens he had seen in Europe, the president told them to design something “useful and attractive,” Vox reported. According to Melon, she asked Kennedy to give her a particularly bright look, which she decided to include “various” flowers that could be mixed with roses.

Melon also felt compelled to plant trees to provide shade in the garden during the hot summer of Washington, D.C.

Melania Trump defended her redesign for Twitter, your social media posts when she was the first lady, and her followers did not get praise when she was the first lady.

People were instead “ignorant” for her Asking for Bashlos’ qualifications, Has written nine books and is a trustee of the White House Historical Society and the National Archives Foundation on the board of the Smithsonian National American Museum.

Others agree with Bashloz.

Further Criticism of Melania Trump’s Improvement Bashlos was slightly saddened by Joan Crawford (as played by Faye Dunawe) in the 1981 film “Mother’s Favorite” which destroyed her rose garden.

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