Melania Trump fires at historian over Rose Garden criticism

Former First Lady Melania Trump has fired a historian who criticized her renovation of the White House Rose last year, calling her speech “deceptive” and “disgraceful.”

Road with trees on the side of the building - Melania Trump shouts at historian in Rose Garden Criticism

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Melania Trump fires at historian over Rose Garden criticism

The former First Lady’s office tweeted on Sunday.

The message came in response to a tweet from NBC News President Michael Bashlos, a historian and a frequent critic of former President Trump. The “exit” of the White House Rose Garden was completed a month ago.

“And here’s the worst thing – decades of American history are gone.

The White House last August unveiled the newly renovated Rose Garden, which was spearheaded by the then First Lady. Her office stated that during the Kennedy administration, in 1962, she wanted the area to be closer to the original design of Rachel Lambert Melon.

The changes have provoked criticism from many who have attacked the historic garden.

In April, a petition was filed by First Lady Jill Biden and second-grader Emfof, who received more than 80,000 signatures to reverse the changes to Rose Garden.

We want Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff to take this and return Rose’s garden [former first lady Jackie Kennedy’s] Original design, ”there is a complaint.

The petition argues that the Trump administration’s reforms “ripped” Kennedy’s legacy. Biden and Emhoff did not respond to a complaint.

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