Melania Trump fires at historian over Rose Garden criticism

Former First Lady Melania TrumpMelania Trump regrets Gisline Maxwell apology He criticized the historian for renovating the White House Rose Garden last year and called his remarks “misleading” and “disrespectful” before questioning his credibility.

“. Rose Garden is a beautiful, colorful pink flower. His misleading information is a disgrace and he should never be trusted as a professional historian, ”the former First Lady’s office said on Twitter on Sunday.

The message came in response to a tweet from NBC News President and former critic Michael Bashlos. President TrumpDonald Trump: Bill Maher Kumo Says He Can’t Stay After Scandal, White House Rose Garden Evisceration ended a month ago.

“And this was a tragic result – decades of American history has been lost.

The Trump White House unveiled the newly renovated Rose Garden, which was spearheaded by the First Lady on August 1. Her office said it wanted to look closely at the original 1962 design of Rachel Lambert Melon during the Kennedy administration.

The changes have caused a great deal of controversy in the historic garden.

In April, he received more than 80,000 signatures and appealed to the First Lady Jill BidenJill Biden Beiden praised the American Olympians, saying, “You made me so proud.” Biden thanks Olympic athletes on video on Twitter And second person Doug EmhoffDog Emhoff Beiden will sign a congressional gold medal for the Biden Administration on January 6 to further promote Biden’s agenda for more than $ 0 million by the United Athletes, Children 12 and more Professional Professional White House teams. To undo the changes to Rose Garden.

” In 2019, Melania Trump removed the cherry trees, the Japanese gift, and the rest of the leaves and replaced them with a boring tax for herself. ”

We want Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff to take this and return Rose’s garden [former first lady Jackie Kennedy’s] The original design, ”he added.

The petition argues that the Trump administration’s reforms “ripped” Kennedy’s legacy. Biden and Emhoff have not yet responded to the complaint.


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