Melania Trump’s White House Rose Garden is still a thorny issue

Melania Trump shakes hands with Donald We haven’t seen much in the sunny Republican Republic of Florida. She avoids social media, ignores the press, and is briefly photographed here and there, out in New York or eating behind a museum-like rope at a Margo-Lago club.

But last week, the former First Lady resurfaced on Twitter, or at least Melania Trump’s office launched a scathing attack on historian Michael Bashlos, who told the world about Melania’s horrific work at the White House Garden.

Last summer – did Trump really rule the world a year ago? – Melania announces plans to renovate a precious garden outside the Oval Office with a rose that is said to have been planted by the president’s wives for a century. It was a bold step, considering the general condition of the garden. Rose Garden was inherited in 1962 by Jackie Kennedy, a garden designer and social worker, with brown melon, the heir apparent who made a garden dress by Ballenchiga.

Created in just four months, Melon’s garden was a simple and tasteful victory over the colorful roses of pink flowers on the diamond-shaped beds below. JFK was not happy for a long time, but he loved it. In a letter of appreciation, Jackie suggested that her husband had a wonderful time at the White House and that he would “always be remembered” for creating such a beautiful place.

Time is running out and gardens are shrinking. The rose garden was difficult to maintain and the beloved crab apple trees had to be pulled up and replaced often, but the difficult Washington winter and summer bakeries made for roses. You will see lush pot roses planted between the slides to bring the big White House arrangements to the brim. A.D. When Melania took office in 2020, sources indicated that there were only 12 pink bushes in the flower and the rest was clearly, a little messy.


Melania hired not just one but two American garden design companies and the process was overseen by two White House conservation committees. “I don’t care about roses?” Any idea of ​​wearing a jacket with the words. It is pure fiction. In fact, she ordered 200 fresh white and purple ones to replace the old ones.

Not all of the gardeners who visited Melania’s work focused on anti-Trump abuse.

The garden became popular last August but people did not like it. Anti-tropex abuse, not all zealous gardeners, focused on its purity, killing of brown crab apple trees, uprooting of first lady roses and so on. Howard Finman, a political analyst, likened the new garden to “the land of the new fascist movement.” While others are angry in the United States, others have nicknamed me Melania Marie Antoinette. Historian Michael Bashlos, who writes about the history of American presidents, angrily tweeted that “decades of American history” had disappeared from the garden.

Rose’s garden was a little naked and looked like a bell and a hotel, and it was a long way from Michelle Obama’s friendly kitchen garden with lots of mysterious and happy children. It would have been wise not to point the finger at Jackie’s legacy, even though Obama has a tendency to be realistic. Of course, there were wild roses and trembling grasses, beehives and bats, fragrant thyme rolling stones, Mistelto, shrubs, perhaps bird forests, and perhaps hammers.

Rose’s garden row was disrupted and more than 80,000 people signed an online petition demanding the return of former First Lady Jill Biden. Instead, not wanting to have anything to do with Rosgett, she kindly tweeted about the garden this summer.

In a Twitter post about the garden a month ago, Bashloz ruled things out earlier this month, calling it a “tragic result,” but Melania Camp hit the picture of the garden as it is now and eventually the roses bloomed. He looks gorgeous, and over time he calms down and finds his fans. However, like many melanin metaphors, it is safe to say that the rose garden is in direct conflict with the olive tree. In the straight lines, in the freshly cut grass and in the flowers, it has been hanging from the last century. The garden world has moved far beyond the boundaries of plants and soft grass, to receive as many wildflowers as they have chosen with their own tools and plants. Highly structured gardens have emerged and there is no passage beyond the fenced fields, straight paths and box cover.

Grass sequence

Irish local authorities responded with admiration for the new beauty by planting wildflowers in public squares. Our government wants to see the country’s two million gardens following this, and for this reason, even the smallest gardens have published an excellent guide to biodiversity on how to encourage wildlife emissions. Ask your local council’s heritage department for a copy.

Many of us are doing our best, cutting off pesticides, making snails do worse, and throwing wildflowers.

Many of us do our best in our own repairs, cutting down pesticides, making snails worse, and throwing wildflower seeds, giving us cornflowers and desks, but not cutting grass. Not always successful. It’s really hard to get that wildflower to look at home and even though bees have a farm day, the Bioversver garden can often look like a big mess but many birds.

Grass sequences can return to fashion. Veteran gardener Robin Lane Fox recently wrote that Chelsea’s garden, which was demolished in May, will soon be filled with wild gardens rather than the more formal and attractive exhibitions. As for him, they are amazed that wildflowers are spinning fast and are “more suitable for motorway banks than small indoor gardens”. In the seasonal flower banks, there are many who miss the order of the public parks and have fond memories of summer evenings with lawn mowers. Looking at Melania’s gardening efforts, you may think that Jackie will finally be approved.

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