Members of Parliament, Ministers Visit J&K, Development Focuses – The Sunday Guardian Live

70 EU ministers to visit Jammu and Kashmir in the next few months.

Syringar: In recent times, several parliamentary standing committees have visited Jammu and Kashmir, including members of several opposition parties, and their presence has put pressure on the administration and development.

Under the direction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 70 BJP ministers will visit Jammu and Kashmir to show that the BJP government cares for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. During the Modi government’s mega-distribution program, some EU ministers arrived in Jammu and Kashmir.

Union Minister of Agriculture Narendra Sin Tom and two junior ministers, Kailash Chudhari and Shobha Karandlaje, visited the Jammu and Kashmir Union on Thursday and exchanged views with farmers, agricultural scientists and other stakeholders on various prosperity measures and policies. Here are the farmer’s central plans.

In order to put a strong pressure on fruit and vegetable development, Narendra Singh Tomer said he saw the impact of various initiatives launched by the BPRP government and the central government wanted to give a new direction to agriculture, he told reporters in Srinagar. Gardening in Jammu and Kashmir. He said the central government was keen to “see new and dynamic J&K and connect farmers to large-scale infrastructure through agri-infrastructure funding.”

ICAR-CITH Srinagar is becoming a major source of new technology in tropical fruits and vegetables, and many farmers in Kashmir are connecting themselves to CITH to turn their orchards into high-yielding apple orchards.

Next week, at least 10 EU ministers will conclude their visits to Jammu and Kashmir, and the administration is busy explaining the implementation of various programs on the ground and highlighting the impact of efforts on sectors such as agriculture. And gardening. According to reports, after visiting the Jammu and Kashmir Union, all 70 Union ministers will submit reports to the Ministry of Interior and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Earlier, the prime minister promised to hold talks with all political leaders in Jammu and Kashmir and try to bridge the gap between Sirinagar and New Delhi. He noted that the central government had made significant efforts to bring media programs to Jammu and Kashmir. In January last year, 36 Union ministers visited here.

Already 13 parliamentary standing committees (about 300 members of parliament) have visited J&K. Lock Saba Speaker Om Om Birala was on a week-long visit to Ladakh and Kashmir and held talks with the administration and politicians.

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