Men arrested for destroying dinosaur tracks

Hey, did you know that someone was before you? Maybe in this case, tens of millions of years ago? Two suspects have recently been arrested for vandalizing a historic site, according to Western Masti News. And in this case, he can take it all together before history. Police said on Saturday, August 28, that they had responded to a call from two people in a holocaust in Hollywood.

Officials told investigators that they did not believe they had been excavated. An area that was considered restricted. Authorities say they are being held on charges of kidnapping, archeology violations, and trespassing. What does Dr. Hammond have to say about this? You crazy boy!

In the meantime, did you know that some states today have official state dinosaurs? NECN reports that Massachusetts representative Jack Lewis has introduced a bill for the state dinosaur. Lewis Posted on Twitter It will be a wonderful way to inspire children and those young people in these uncertain times. He is a competitive dinosaur Podokesaurus holyokensis. Interestingly, Massachusetts will eventually become one of the many states with official dinosaurs. Colorado has Stagosarus. In Wyoming, there are three-room spaces. Not surprisingly, Uttar Pradesh is a state dinosaur.

Does New York State have dinosaurs? The answer is no.

Should he? Do you have any idea that Dinosaur best represents the state? New York doesn’t have a dinosaur state right now, but we do have a fossil state (make jokes about some government politicians you don’t like). Ureterpus notes It was a creature that lived some 400 million years ago in Cilicia. The modern king is a distant relative of crabs and sea scorpions. They are said to have lived in the New York State under the current deep sea.

What are some of the dinosaurs found here in New York? According to Hudson Valley Magazine, he was probably looking for a well-known carnivore coelophysis They arrived near Albany in 1972. In this Hudson Valley, many changes and many fossils have been found on the ground, making it a relatively poor area. But there are some candidates. Do you have good ideas for a state dinosaur? Let’s listen to them.

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