Merryspring Nature Center has announced a new director

John Fromm of Appleton is the new program director at Maryspring Nature Center.

Fryer, who replaced Brett Willard in that position, began in mid-January and will oversee MarySpring’s many and varied academic programs. These include the weekly Tuesday Talk series, weekend workshops, summer ecocamps, free family events, and environmental outreach with local schools and other organizations.

“The programs that Brett has put together are exceptional,” Fromm said. “He has done a great job over the years to extend MarySpring’s mission. My goals are to continue his vision and perhaps make Merryspring an even more valuable resource for our neighbors and local communities.

Flor is no stranger to Maryspring. At various times he was a volunteer coordinator, guest lecturer, class leader and nature center trustee. He organized and directed a series of horticulture classes at the Midcoast School of Technology. In addition, he and his wife, Cathy, are both Maine Master Gardeners and grow custom flowers, vegetables and herbs at Appleton Ridge Farm.

Merryspring is a community nature center with hiking trails, cultivated gardens, wildlife, and ecology and horticulture educational programs throughout the year. The park is located at the end of Conway Road in Camden off Route 1 behind the Hannaford Shopping Plaza.

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