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Metro TV and Stratcom Partnership Agreement

Metro Television and Strategic Communication Africa (Stratcom) has entered into a strategic partnership in the organization of Ghana’s Flower Show and Movement.

The parties recognized the value of the combination of national and international development through the agreement signed at the 2021 Ghana Garden and Flower Exhibition.

Managing Director Mr. Kayode Atintemi signed for Metro TV, co-founder and CEO of Statecom Africa.

Joint Statement in Accra According to the agreement, Strackcom Africa will provide suitable individuals for interviews on Metro TV to educate the public, especially young people and women, on trade, beauty, environmental, health and psychological benefits in Ghana. Plants and animals.

He said they will also increase job opportunities in flower and horticulture.

Metro TV has announced that it will provide free advertising for the 2021 Ghana Garden and Flower Show.

The statement said companies in Ghana are expected to integrate their common resources for projects aimed at achieving the goals and objectives of the Ghanaian Garden and Flower Movement, including contributing to the realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“The media is constantly supporting us by promoting the Ghanaian Garden and Flower Show and other Ghanaian flower and flower activities,” she said.

He said a strategic partnership like the one signed by Metro TV will enable them to strengthen their public education and mobilization efforts to ensure their national development.

“The 2021 Ghana Garden and Flower Show has a great potential for Ghana, especially for young people and women. Let’s all work hand in hand to realize its potential. ”

According to Mr. Akintemi, we are pleased to have entered into this agreement, which demonstrates our commitment not only to the protection and improvement of the Metro TV environment, but also to the provision of jobs and livelihoods to millions of Ghanaians.

He said the good news should also be spread by the virus and the Ghanaian Garden and Flower Movement and the main annual show should attract the attention of young people who are eagerly pursuing their skills.

“Our partnership with Stracco Africa is in the process of being transformed,” he said.

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