Mike Chapman Wins Bladislo Cup for Fruit and Vegetable Development – NZ Herald

HortNZ President Barry O’Neill (left), Bldilo Cup winner Mike Chapman and Agriculture Minister Demi Lovato. Photo / Presented

Mike Chapman, until recently the CEO of Horticulture New Zealand, has won the Beldillo Cup for more than 20 years for significant fruit and vegetable development.

Chapman’s advocacy for the horticulture industry was exhausting, strong, and balanced, said Barry O’Neill, president of Hortzette.

Mike always works for farmers and gardeners, and of course, New Zealand’s economy and public health with the aim of achieving the best results by locally sourced food.

“Mike is committed to ensuring that the best soil is available, that farmers maintain their right to grow and that farmers continue to thrive economically in a rapidly changing environment,” he said.

Chapman’s career in the horticulture industry lasted more than 20 years, during which time he was a leader, lawyer, lobbyist, and lover of the industry.

Chapman changed his legal-oriented work to kiwifruit. In 2002 he played the role of Chief Executive of New Zealand. A.D. In 2005, he became chief executive of New Zealand’s Kiwifrit manufacturers.

Ten years later, In 2015, Chapman became New Zealand’s gardener until June of this year.

After leaving office, Chapman continued to work on the popular RSE program.

In early August, he played a key role in the government’s decision to allow RSE workers from Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu to enter New Zealand without administrative exclusion.

Mike Chapman has won the Bledilolo Cup for more than 20 years.  Photo / Presented
Mike Chapman has won the Bledilolo Cup for more than 20 years. Photo / Presented

At the Imperial Fruit Fair, New Zealand’s Best Apples Competition was presented for the first time in 1931 by then-Governor General Bledsley.

It is one of the many cups presented to New Zealand by Lord Bladslo, similar to the 1931 Rugby Bledislo Cup.


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