Millions of pure flies descended from the sky over the city

As the Marshall Liberal government launched a spring campaign against the pest, the skies above Metropolitan Adelaide were filled with less than 20 million fruit flies a week.

More than 600 million fresh fruit flies have been released in the Adelaide epidemic and blockade areas, with more than 160,000 homes destroyed so far.

Minister of Primary Industries and Regional Development, David Basham, said low-flying flies are being released every week until the end of the year.

“Male flies need female flies in areas where there are outbreaks, so they cannot breed with them and therefore disrupt the life cycle,” Mr. Basham said.

“Also, from airplanes, our bio-security officers release up to six million fruit flies in Adelaide every week.

As the weather warms up and the Marshall Liberal government is working closely with industry to make big preparations to fight fruit flies, we expect fruit flies to re-emerge in all 18 epidemic areas in South Australia.

“The Marshall Liberal government is using every weapon to fight the mattress fly and sterile insect technology plays a key role in our eradication program.

Fruit flies could have a significant impact on the $ 1.3 billion fruit and vegetable development sector. That is why we have spent $ 40 million to protect hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs across the state.

Excessive reproduction of wildlife by wild flies will stop their breeding – and now is the time before the weather warms up and flies become more active.

During these cold months, more than 400 workers have been beaten and trapped in fruit flies, and they are working with residents to reduce the number of residents and reduce the number of flies and fresh produce by harvesting rotten fruit from trees. Available for them.

“Fruit flies lay their eggs in the fruit, the eggs grow into worms to rot, and when they fall to the ground, the worms enter the soil to complete their life cycle and become flies.

“Enjoy delicious home-grown fruits and vegetables without worms, and without the need for additional pesticides in your own garden, something we could not easily take in South Australia.

“South Australia to protect against fruit flies begins in your garden – do not share or move fruit if you are in a red zone Call Fly Line.

Until December 12, 2021, there are currently restrictions for 12 Metropolitan Fruit Outbreaks. Port Augusta epidemic limits Restrictions on at least November 26, 2021 will remain in place until December 2021.

For up-to-date information, visit the fruit fly website

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