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… I have instructed every CEO to assist in the mass improvement of the agricultural and livestock sectors in the state.

Tanjung Selor, North Kalimantha (Antara) – Agriculture Minister Shirul Yassin Limpo on Saturday visited North Kalimantan Province and pledged to support integrated upper and lower agricultural development.

He said the state of North Kalimantan would combine agricultural potential such as food, horticulture, agriculture and large-scale livestock.

The province is one of the tourist attractions on the island of Kalimantan, as the province will come to western Kalimantan the next day.

He pledged hundreds of billions of dollars to develop an integrated agricultural sector.

He also encouraged the region to set an example for integrated development.

“In addition to our assistance, I have instructed every director general to help improve the agricultural and livestock sectors in the state,” he said.

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In this case, Limpo handed over Rp16.9 billion in program assistance to North Kaliman State.

The support was intended for food crops, horticulture, agriculture, animal and animal health, agriculture and infrastructure, and food security.

He also visited the Borgan Goat Farm, which is managed by Bulgan Mandiri Farm in Angung Village, Bulgan District, on Saturday morning. He gathered the Indogofera, a fodder for animals, and saw a two-month-old goat, Simpe.

He hopes to expand the farm from four hectares to 200 hectares to increase local government participation.

In addition, the state government has been asked to prepare 20 hectares of test land as it has ample space for the agricultural sector.

In addition, on the premises of the North Kalimantan Commonwealth Office, Limpo exported 28 tons of pepper Rp1.26 billion to Vietnam.

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