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Liberty Columbia opens Friday, September 10Th More stations will soon be opened in Kansas City, St. Louis and Rola. The regional focus and investment of the holistic industries in the communities in which they operate will enable the company to expand its reach to the Missouri market, making it a great place to work, trade and invest in cannabis throughout the country. , New Missouri Private Owner Operator in Cannabis Announces New Cannabis Distribution Freedom Colombia This is the company’s first of four Liberty-branded medical cannabis distribution centers in Missouri before the end of 2021.

In Colombia, Liberty fills about 20 places (including full and part-time), depending on the patient’s needs. It employs all over the country and pays close attention to community access and cannabis education programs in communities with freedom distribution and other resources.

Inclusion and diversity are in Holistic DNA and our goal is to create a workforce that resembles the mosaic of the community we serve. As a result of this commitment, Holidays and Libraty Cannabis in Missouri, in partnership with two non-profit organizations, Southeast Enterprise (SEE) and Alfapointe, provided job training and placement for people of different abilities.

“These partnerships will be fed to the Holocaust for the benefit of a completely diverse workforce, including race, gender, gender identity, faith, ethnicity, religious beliefs, abilities, LGBTK, and more. Li Riley, director of Freedom Cannabis Retail Marketing in Missouri. When we have diversity at the table, we are happier when productivity increases, and we know that patients who come to freedom and join our team can feel this way.

Liberty Cannabis Cares, September 18, is a proud sponsor of The Harvest Hootennyny and a community volunteer.Th. The harvest season is an annual local agricultural festival and marks the end of another successful season. For ten years, the Colombian Urban Agricultural Center has used The Harvest Hootenanny to demonstrate the value of the city’s agriculture and to develop a mission to promote good food for all.

Freedom Cannabis Care will join the Colombian city to beautify the streets in partnership with Adop-A-Tray. Every year throughout the year, members of the Freedom Team help to maintain a part of the Colombian trail and make Colombia and its trails more beautiful.

Why Missouri loves freedom

Missouri’s sale of medical cannabis in July cost more than $ 20 million, and some have opened the patient registry due to a combination of new and growing distributors. However, when freedom centers open, they provide patients with an experience that is different from anything else offered in the state. The holistic industry began with limited licenses, medical markets, and realized how to meet patient needs in terms of accessibility, product quality and consistency, and retail experience. The company was founded ten years ago by Josh Genderson to become the best in the world when it gets a publisher’s license in DC, which means it will learn as much as possible about medical programs, licenses and regulations. He soon became acquainted with some parents who spoke to a group of children about epilepsy, a benefit of high doses of CBD cannabis. After meeting one of his children, Jackson, and seeing firsthand how the drug helped him, Josh knew he needed to grow and manage medical cannabis for these children in DC.

In nine states, including Maryland and Pennsylvania, the industries and the freedom to provide high quality cannabis to medical patients have been built. They now bring a new level of sophistication and expertise to the Missouri Medical Cannabis Market with a record of successful operation in medical markets across the country.

Why Freedom is the best place to buy

There are many options for cannabis patients in Missouri, but the best place to buy freedom is for the comfort that patients get when they enter the door, the feeling they feel at home. Liberty promises to be a real neighborhood distributor by hiring local residents and returning them to the local community. Of Freedom retail experience It is convenient and safe in a store setting designed to invite consumers to explore with interesting displays and organic components. The members of the Freedom Group are called “Health Guidelines.” They are passionate about cannabis and are deeply committed to sharing that feeling and knowledge with others, making them an integral part of the patient’s retail experience. Customers often develop relationships with Freedom of Safety Guidelines, asking for their names and advice and discovering new products for new patients.

Liberty is the first cannabis retailer to join the ranks of future thinking companies like Starbucks with an advanced app Freedom Bag, Designed specifically for the needs of the patient regarding cashless payments, messaging and the loyalty program that really benefits the patient. Freedom Wallet is a convenient, safe and secure way for Cannabis patients to make the most of their Liberty marketing experience. Liberty Wallet is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The first independent retail venue to be opened in Missouri is located at 1400 Forum Blvd, STE 12 in Colombia. For more information visit www.libertycannabis.com/.

About Universal Industries

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Holistic Industries is the largest privately owned cannabis operator (MSO) in the United States, operating directly in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and soon in West Virginia. A.D. Founded in 2011 by Josh Genderson, the holistic industry has grown into a national medical and consumer goods company, agricultural and extraction network, and a distinguished retail distribution chain. The holistic industry was established to provide high quality cannabis to patients, and it has grown rapidly with this ethic in mind. As Holistic has entered the adult consumer market, the company has built a reputation for providing unique products in the consumer-focused retail environment. The holistic industry has opted for greenhouse brands, distributors, dots, straws and garnishes.

About Alphapointe

Since its inception in 1911, Alfaponte, MO, headquartered in Kansas City, has been empowering people who lack vision to achieve their goals and aspirations. Alfaponte, the third largest employer of blind people in the United States, has manufacturing facilities in both states. Missouri and the state of New York have about 400 employees, 220 of whom are blind. Alphapointe is one of the region’s largest resources for people with vision loss, providing products and services nationwide. Alphaponte’s trade routes include plastics, micro-molds, office products manufacturing and sales, textile manufacturing and sales, cleaning products, contact center services, retail stores, and general rehabilitation and education programs for people who are blind or visually impaired. For more information about Alphapointe, visit www.alphapointe.org.

About Southeast Enterprises

In April 1975, Southeast Enterprises was incorporated into a non-profit corporation, such as Missouri, with concerned parents and local businesses. The purpose of this corporation is to establish an extended employment shelter program to provide productive employment opportunities and essential support services to Jackson County adults. With developmental, physical, and emotional disabilities who are unable to compete successfully to develop their skills and potential. These individuals develop not only appropriate work skills and attitudes; But also pride, self-confidence, maturity, and self-confidence. Southeast partners not only develop job skills and characteristics; But also pride, self-confidence, maturity, and self-confidence.

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